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April 21: 73% of married men say they never let their wives near this. The grill.

April 20: 23% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners who sing out loud today will do this.  Sing a commercial jingle.

April 19: A new survey has found that men wearing socks with sandals is the top male fashion fail. What’s second on the list? A man bun.

April 18: If you want your kids to love reading, you should encourage them to do this. Read to the dog!

April 17:  A new study says having this in your house can reduce your income by up to 11%. It’s a crying baby, because parents woken up at night by babies are less likely to hold down jobs, and more likely to work shorter hours.

April 14: This happens 3 million times a minute. Somebody likes something on Facebook.

April 13: 53% of men say doing this makes them sleepy. Getting a haircut!

April 12:  The average person performs this function 22 times a day. Opening the refrigerator door.

April 11: A new study says 43% of us believe we would be healthier if we ate this instead of what we are eating now. Dog food.

April 10: 53% of brides won’t book a wedding venue these days unless it has this. Good WiFi!

April 7: Only 22% of teenagers own one of these. A watch.

April 6: A new survey says the average single person spends seven minutes of their workday doing this. Using their dating app.

April 5: Half of us admit we can’t remember this from high school. It’s our prom song.

April 4: It’s the most annoying sleep habit your spouse can have. What is it? Stealing the bed sheets!

April 3: Around 60% of drivers have this in their car, but they don’t use it. It’s a cassette player.

March 31: Drivers are doing this 10% more than they did five years ago. Honking their horn.

March 30: It’s traditional for women to do this sitting down. Men do it standing up. What is it!? It’s shaking hands!

March 29: 53% of us do this on the weekends. We pay bills.

March 28: 29% of men wear this because they believe it improves their appearance. Hairspray!

March 27: When asked which springtime activity we are looking forward to most, 22% of us say this. Riding a bike.

March 24: 1/3 of us have been late for a meeting because of this. Getting our coffee!

March 23: If you’re the average Dave’s Morning Show listener, this will happen to you at 9:45 this morning. You’ll finally be fully awake.

March 22: 55% of the moms have done this when their kids weren’t home. Played video games!

March 21: 45% of us have lied to our spouse about this. Money!

March 20: When blowing out birthday candles, 25% of women said they wished for this. More time with their husbands!  AW!!

March 16: 1 out of five drivers will experience this today. A dashboard warning light.

March 15: On average, each one of us does this three times a day. We tie a shoe.

March 14: 52% of us say we don’t have this at work. The sad answer is a friend.

March 13: 41 is the average age when we start doing this in order to get healthy. Taking a vitamin.

March 10: Most of us to do this as adults started doing it at age 14. Drinking coffee.

March 9: 3 out of four of us who do this alone say we’d rather have someone to do it with. Drive to work.

March 8: 20% of us say we would do this if we could go back in time. What is it? Learn to play a musical instrument.

March 7: A new study says the number of high school seniors who have this has dropped from 85.3% in 1996  to a record low 71.5% in 2015. Surprisingly, it’s a drivers license!

March 6: 73% of women do this before going on spring break. They go tanning!

March 3: if you have one of these, odds are you spend about $792 a year on it. A cat.

March 2: 40% of us think it’s unprofessional for our boss to use these. Emoji’s.

March 1: 28% of us spend more time doing this at the gym than exercising. Sitting in the sauna or hot tub.

February 24: A new survey found that 72% of us will go to specific businesses because they have this. Clean bathrooms.

February 23: 9 out of 10 singles would prefer to find a potential date here rather than a dating app. At a concert.

February 22: There are 9.8 trillion ways to do this. Make change for a $100 bill. Oh and by the way, there are 292 ways to make change for a one dollar bill.

February 21: A new survey found that it’s been nine years since the average person has done this. Ridden a bike.

February 20: 22% of millennials say they’ve never eaten this. A Big Mac.

February 17: 35% of women say a man who wears one of these looks uncool. A Bluetooth earpiece.

February 16: Survey says… 60% of men and 50% of women talk to their boss about this. Their love life.

February 15: 175 million of these are sold in the US every year. Girl Scout cookies!

February 14: 68% of women say they know their man trusts them when he does this. He gives her keys to his car.

February 13: Last year, 13% of newborns had one of these.  An email address.

February 9: A new poll has determined that this is the worst possible pick up line a guy can use in a bar. “Come here often?”

February 8: 44% of women say they’d rather not ask a man to do this, but will if they have to. Zip up their dress!

February 7: A recent survey found that 82% of us have struggled with this on a first date. What to talk about.

February 6: 13% of grown-ups see this annual event as the most stressful thing they do all year. It’s that dreaded annual family vacation!

February 3: We do this about every 18 months. We buy a new mobile phone.

February 2: 27 million of these will be consumed in the next hour… Coca-Cola’s!

February 1: About 20% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners keep this in their glove compartment.  A tube of toothpaste.

January 31: 8% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have done this while working out. They’ve shopped online.

January 30: Studies prove that doing this will make people trust you. Wearing lavender or having a lavender air freshener.

January 27: A new survey found that 1/3 of all couples have never done this. They’ve never gone on a romantic trip together.

January 26: The average person now does this 4 years sooner, compared to 40 years ago. Gets gray hair.

January 25: 43% of women want to receive this on Valentines Day … A handwritten love note.

January 24: 148 million people look at this during the week. Weekly coupons.

January 23: in the NFL, Baltimore has one as does Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. New England doesn’t. Neither does Minnesota, Tennessee or Pittsburgh. What are they? Teams named after animals.

January 18: 48% of men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show go here every weekend. To the hardware or building supply store.

January 17: A recent study found that dads do this more than moms when it comes to their kids. Reward them with unhealthy food.

January 16: 24% of kids say if they were President of the United States, they would do this every day. They’d eat ice cream!

January 5:  3 out of 4 dog owners believe their dogs can do this better than a professional.  They can predict the weather!

January 4:  Even though it’s considered a kids’ item, 78% of adults have one of these … It’s a piggy bank (only ours is probably Empty!)

January 3: 30% of us will try a new one of these in 2017. A recipe.

December 23: 34% of car owners say they have no idea how to do this. Refill the windshield wiper fluid.

December 22: 83% of us think we are good at this, but in reality, we aren’t. Spelling.

December 21: 90% of us do this almost every night even though we don’t want to.  We wake up in the middle of the night.

December 20: 1 out of 4 men say they never use this common product.  Deodorant.

December 15: A new survey says that moms are twice as likely to do this than dads are at Christmas. Give bad gifts.

December 14: 5% of us will sell this on eBay. An unwanted Christmas present.

December 13: 9 out of 10 of us have seen this on a warm weather vacation. Someone wearing a Hawaiian-like shirt.

December 12: 30% of the grownups who listen to our show in the morning can name all of them. All of Santa’s reindeer.

December 9: On average, we forget to do this five times a month. Put on deodorant.

December 8: A new survey says only 30% of office parties are OK with this. Bringing your spouse.

December 7:  American teenage girls do this roughly 1015 times a week. Send a text message.

December 6: Experts say you could save $2500 a year just by doing this every day. Packing your own lunch.

December 5: When you buy one of these, it’s at least 10 years old. It’s a Christmas tree.

December 2:  Chances are, you’ll do this 3 times during the holiday season. You’ll give a gift the recipient doesn’t like.

December 1: 44% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners saying they usually regret this. How much they spent on the holidays.

November 30: 48% of us judge other people by this. The type of cell phone they own.

November 29: 10% of us have done this at work during a conference call. We bought something online.

November 28: The average woman owns eight of these. What are they? Pairs of jeans.

November 23: 68% of women have made their husbands do this before going out to a holiday party. What is it? Change his shoes.

November 22: 52% of us have never done this during the holidays. What is it? Kiss under the mistletoe.

November 21: Here in the US alone, about 7000 of these will be hired this year. Santa look-alikes.

November 18:  After money, this is the top reward employers give their employees. Lunch.

November 17: Between now and the end of the year, we will spend 15 hours doing this. Attending holiday parties.

November 16: 35% of us admit we are embarrassed by this. It’s the cleanliness of the inside of our car!

November 15: The average woman does this 11 times a day. She reapplies her lipstick.

November 14: 35% of guys have tried to impress a woman by doing this. Learning how to play a musical instrument.

November 11: 35% of newlyweds say this is the thing they miss most about being single. It’s not sharing a bathroom.

November 10: The average woman keeps this for 12 years. It’s the same hairstylist.

November 9: A new report says we spend over a year of our lives doing this. Channel surfing.

November 8: We are twice as likely to do this on the weekend. Spend money.

November 7:   A new survey found that 61% of us do this more often once it starts getting dark earlier. We watch more TV.


November 4: 30% of grown-ups do this while driving. They use Snapchat!

November 3: 35% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say they judge a man by this. His ringtone!

November 2: About 10% of families don’t save these. Leftovers.

November 1:  A recent survey found that 25% of us say this has changed since we were a kid. It’s our favorite kind of candy.

October 27: If you have one of these, odds are better than 20% that it’s more than five years old. It’s your Facebook profile picture.

October 26:  The average Dave’s Morning Show listener will do this four times today, and undo it four times. What is it? Start their car.

October 25:  The average Dave’s Morning Show listener only cleans this every two years. Their car’s glove compartment.

October 24: A new study found that women get 15% angrier than men while driving, especially when people do this. Don’t use their turn signal.

October 18: A recent survey of dating app users found that 16% of women lie about this on the first date.  They lie about their name.

October 17: A recent survey found that 77% of women want to do this themselves.  They want to choose their own engagement ring.

October 12: A new survey found that only 14% of these go as planned. What? Marriage proposals.

October 11: 68% of us say we won’t vote for a politician who doesn’t like this. What? Pets.

October 10:  After a break up, the average woman spends $782 doing this. She gives herself a total makeover.

October 7: 13% of us think this is the best smell in the world. What is it? The ocean.

October 6: When we do this, it lasts an average of four days. What is it?  Go on a diet.

October 5: 38% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners were born without these. What are they? Wisdom teeth.

October 4:  62% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners do this once a day. What is it? A random act of kindness.

September 28: 58% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn’t offer this. What is it? Access to social media during the day.

September 27: Whenever you see or hear this number, you should always add  9 to it. What is it? A woman’s weight. (most women are 9 pounds heavier on average than what they will admit)

September 26: 68% of men have done this for their lady. What is it? Wash their car.

September 23: Your mom used one of these, but there is only a one in 10 chance that you do. What is it? An apron.

September 22: A new study says that doing this together brings couples closer. What is it? Binge watching.

September 21: 52% of women have done this to motivate themselves to lose weight. The answer is… They bought a pair of skinny jeans hoping to lose  weight and fit into them.

September 19: Half of all smartphone users never do this. They never download an app!

September 16: When you are struggling to get through the day, doing this can boost your energy level by 30%. It’s brushing your teeth.

September 14: According to a new survey, 42% of us have actually dozed off here in the last year. Where? In a meeting … a very boring meeting!

September 13: A recent poll says most of us give this up after trying it once. What is it? Rollerblading.

September 12: A new survey found that 35% of parents admit that they sometimes do this in their nightly routine when putting their kids to bed. What is it? Skip pages when reading the kids a bedtime story.

September 9: A new survey found that men spend an average of 22 days a year doing this. What is it? Hanging out with their best friend.

September 8: A new study found that the key to a perfect vacation is to do this … Make it eight days long.

September 7: 58% of people do this on a date because it makes them feel more confident. What is it?  Wear black.

September 6:  70% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners who own one of these don’t use it for its original purpose. What is it?  A garage.

September 1:  Typically, this happens to a woman at age 34. She starts acting like her mother!

August 31: 20% of  working women say this happens to them on a weekly basis. They get asked out by a coworker .

August 30:  On any given day, 21% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners make a phone call for this reason … To find their cell phone.

August 29:   The average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show does this for the first time when he’s 34 years old. He starts trimming the hair in his ears!

August 26:  78% of our kids lie about this — Their Homework!

August 25: According to a new survey, 45% of people would give up coffee if they could have this every day … Good hair.

August 24: A survey found that 27% of people give up doing this after less than a week … Looking for something they lost.

August 23: 40% of people have experienced this while on a date… Credit card declined.

August 22: Only 9% of people do this at the grocery store……..Read nutrition labels.

August 19: 13% of Americans feel it’s ok to do this …  Cheat on taxes!

August 18:  65% of us would choose this over our significant other if we had to. Our pet!

August 17:  75% of the married women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have given their husbands one of these … The Dreaded Honey-Do List!

August 16: no phones, no Impossible Trivia.

August 15: 56% of the households in the Fredericksburg area have one of these in the kitchen. What is it? A frozen dinner.

August 12:  If given an extra $1000, 33% of us would do this with it. We’d save it!

August 11: Typically, The more education you receive,  the larger this becomes. What is it? It’s your signature.

August 10:  A new study has found that women do indeed do this longer than men … And the answer is — Hold Grudges!

August 9:  The average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show spends 22 minutes a day doing this … Talking about sports.

August 8:  A new study found that those of us who do this at least 30 minutes every day live longer than those of us who don’t. The answer is … Read.

August 5:  This happens 35 to 40 times in a typical major-league baseball game. The answer is … A ball is hit into the stands.

August 4:  A new study found that we like to talk with other people while we’re doing this … Eating.

August 3: Only 15% of us would tell our boss this. What is it?  That his or her outfit is inappropriate.

August 2: 60% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have made their husbands do this before going out.  She says “You’re CHANGING YOUR SHOES before we go anywhere!”

August 1:  A recent survey found that 38% of us have been burned by this when it’s hot outside. Believe it or not, it’s a seatbelt!

July 28:  What does Dave Adler have in common with George Thorogood & Bob Marley?  They all lived in Wilmington Delaware – George and Dave were born & raised there.

July 27:   The number of women doing this has gone up 25% in the last 10 years. Robbing banks!

July 26:  A new survey found that 11% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners plan their vacation around this … Their pet.

July 25:  It takes the average Dave’s Morning Show listener between 5 and 20 minutes to do this …. Have a dream.

July 22:  You reach your peak in this ability in your mid 30’s. Spelling.

July 21:   59% of homes still have one of these. It’s a cordless phone.

July 20:   46% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say buying this is very stressful. They say it’s buying a new pair of jeans!

July 19:  By the end of this week, 43% of parents will have already started doing this … Back to school shopping!

July 18:  9 out of 10 of us have embarrassed ourselves by doing this in a quiet setting. What is it? Having our stomach growl.

July 15: A new survey found that 57% of us have done this on social media — We’ve lied about our relationship status.

July 14: 82% of teenagers admit to having one of these – what is it?  A curfew.

July 13: 88% of us do this in the middle of the night.  We check our phones.

July 12: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener has 7 of these … and they got ’em for free!   Coffee mugs!

July 11:  86% of the men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show owned one of these as a child … A Squirt Gun!

July 8:  According to a study, men are four times more likely to lose this than women. What is it? What’s a matter??!! Didn’t hear the question …?!?! The answer is — Their Hearing!

July 7:  A new study has found that a woman is more likely to date a man if this is true about his friends. And the answer is …  They include attractive women.

July 6:  Whenever you’re on vacation, there’s a 33% chance you’ll do this … Leave something in your hotel room.

July 5:  43% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners did this at a July 4th party this  weekend – what is it?  Wiped out hands on the furniture instead of a napkin.

June 30: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener forgets to do this at least 5 times a month. What is it? Put on deodorant.

June 29: Wedding experts say newlywed husbands should never bring this with them on their honeymoon. What is it? A laptop.

June 28: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener does this every 18 months. What is it? Get a new cell phone.

June 27: Experts say we should do this every day, but only 30% of us actually do. What is it? Complement Ourselves.

June 24: About 21 million of us wear these. What are they? Dentures.

June 23: According to a recent survey, the average woman secretly likes doing this. What could it be? Vacuuming!

June 22:  This is the most common beach & pool etiquette violation … Blasting Loud Music!

June 21:  A new survey found that about 15% of us have taken a conference call here – Where?  In the bathtub.

June 20:  3% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have never eaten this – what is it?   Dessert.

June 17:  It is estimated that more than one in 10 dogs has swallowed this. What is it? A shoe lace.

June 16:  5% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have never eaten this – what is it?   Jello!

June 15:  22% of us have a favorite one of these – what is it?  A pen.

June 14:   The average lifespan of one of these is about 10 years. What is it? A vacuum cleaner.

June 13:  53% of couples who listen to Dave’s Morning Show do this separately. What is it? Their laundry.

June 10: A new survey found that 25% of us do this while we are in a store. Shop on line.

June 9: According to a new survey, the average person stops doing this when they hit 31. What is it? Celebrating their birthday.

June 8:  Every home has one or two of these, and the first one ran on gas. What is it? A vacuum cleaner.

June 7: Having this increases your chances of landing a job by 10% What is it?  White Teeth (better go get me some more of those white strips …!)

June 6: A new study found that people who do this are less likely to quit their jobs … Get angry.  Seems getting angry is a sign you actually care.

June 3:  6 out of 10 women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show wear this because they think it makes them appear friendly … Bright Lipstick.

June 2: Minnesota is the state with the most of these per capita – what are they?  Boats

June 1:   A new study found that people who do this think they are more attractive than they are. What is it? Take lots of selfies.

May 31:  Memorial Day weekend is the third biggest grilling occasion of the year. Fourth of July is the number one occasion for grilling. What’s number two?   Birthdays.

May 27:  If you still have VHS movies at home, this is the title you’re most likely to have. The Lion King

May 26:  One out of 10 married couples won’t do this even once this year.  Say “I love you”.

May 25:  13% of grown-ups still drink this just like they did when they were kids. What is it?    Yoo Hoo!

May 24:  63% of the men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show start doing this in their 40s. What is it? Trim their nose hairs.

May 23:  53% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show never leave home without this. What is it? A mirror.

May 20: A new survey found that 63% of us will click on a pop-up ad for this … A diet or fitness program.

May 19: 53% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners do this with their food — Take pictures of it!

May 18: A poll of Dave’s Morning Show listeners found that 80% of them think they’re Great at this … Taking Photos.

May 17:  According to a new survey, one 1 out of 3 of us secretly know this about our spouse — what is it?  The passwords to their social media accounts.

May 16:  A new study found that the more you like this, the more likely you are to crash your car.  What is it?  The sound of your G P S.  (Turns out … we form a bond with the voice, and that keeps us from concentrating on the road …)

May 13:  About 35% of people have never had these. Wisdom teeth.

May 12:  The average car will suffer from this at least twice during its first three years. What is it? A run-in with a shopping cart.

May 11: Medical surveys say 6,500 people are injured by these every year. What are they? Pillows!

May 10:  A recent survey says the best time to do this is between 9 AM and 11 AM. What is it?  Interview for a job.

May 9: A new survey found that 46% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show struggle with this nearly every day – What is it?  Picking out what to wear to work.

May 6:  6:30pm is the most popular time to do this … Drink wine.

May 5:  It’s the number one thing teenagers say distracts them the most while driving. It’s when they get a text or phone call from their parents.

May 3: 83% of the swimsuits owned by Dave’s Morning Show listeners have this in common … They never get wet.

May 2: A poll of women about strange but common cravings during pregnancy finds this tops the list. What is it? Ice.

April 29:  9 out of 10 American homes have one of these. What is it?  A junk drawer.

April 28: You’ll find 40,000 different products at the average one of these — Where are we?  A grocery store.

April 27: 58% of men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show think this exists in heaven — what is it?   Baseball.

April 26:  47% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners lose up to 90 minutes of sleep every night because of this.  What is it?  Our pets in bed with us.

April 25:   Married people suffer from this more than single people. What is it? Heartburn.

April 22:  When it comes to driving, women are better at this than men – what is it?  Using turn signals.

April 21: We use around 80 pounds of this every day – what is it?  Oxygen.

April 20: A retail study found that people who are born leaders are the biggest buyers of these – What?   Athletic shoes.

April 19: 25 years ago, this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear — now it is.  What is it?  A Sweatshirt.

April 18: According to a recent survey, the average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show loses this at age 53.  What is it?  His fashion sense.

April 15: 77% of women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show think it’s Super Tacky if a man wears this … What is it?  A gold chain.

April 14: By the time they turn 28, the average Dave’s Morning Show listener will have done this 6 times.  What is it?  Changed jobs.

April 13: A new study found that we spend 377 hours a year doing this.  What is it?  Preparing meals; making breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

April 12:  in 82% of homes with kids, mom decides this … What is it?  Bedtime.

April 11:  If you do this for a living, you are most often late for a doctors appointment. What do you do?                                                              You’re a doctor!

April 6: A man who wears this is typically described as “vulgar” and “inauthentic”. What is it?  A Hawaiian shirt.

April 5: If you had this job at the White House, you’d need 8 hours to get it done. What is it? Cutting the Grass

April 4: 20% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have a favorite one of these.   A pen.

April 1: 48% of men admit to not being able to do this task. What is it? Sewing on a button.

March 31:  Research proves that doing this while taking an exam or test will improve your memory by as much as 35%. What is it?                         Chewing gum

March 25: These are created at a rate of 3500 per minute. What are they?  Peeps

March 24: About 20 people will touch this item before you buy it. What is it? A Greeting Card

March 23: One out of every 20 American adults can be described as this. What is it? A Millionaire

March 22: 58% of us do not know this number. What is it? Our License Plate Number

March 21: This costs the average person about $.60 a year – what is it? Charging Their Phone