Jeremy Grey

Jeremy Old Mug

Jeremy Gray was born in a small, impoverished town in Mississippi. His humble beginnings led him to a life of crime, endeavoring with a good heart to take care of the people he loved, but always finding himself on the wrong side of the law. He did try his hand at the metallurgic arts, but succumbed to a life of aimless wanderin’.

Eventually, while escaping from the law, he found himself a member of a small band of outlaws, escapee Bluegrass singers in the 1930s. Successful as the group was, they were forced to ask Jeremy to leave their troupe, as they were focused on being reformed, and he was still on the path of misdoing.

Eventually caught by the police, after a particularly bad run of illegal puppy smuggling and unlawful operation of a haberdashery, Jeremy turned state’s evidence, went into the witness protection program, and was forced to change his name. Jeremy Gray became Jeremy Grey, and the Blue & Grey Morning Show on Thunder 104.5 was born.