Cathy Lynn

I remember dumpster diving when I was a young kid in Montana. A neighbor who was also a local radio DJ was moving and tossed out his Vinyl…. No thoughts … I Just Jumped, Dived and GRABBED!

Cathy Lynn Dumpster Find

I sat in my room with my record player and listened to Vinyl Gold for hours. From that day on, I knew music was in my future..

In 2001, I started 1st Choice Entertainment Company here in Virginia, helping with local fundraisers   every chance I could.  I would call my favorite radio station, Thunder 104.5, and ask them to help me get the word out about the events I was involved with. Thunder’s reply every time was “where and when?” … it never failed, they were always willing to help.

I remember the day Tim Stone called me and said he would love for me to be a part of the Thunder Family ….. I replied “where and when?” The rest is history.

What do I love about working with Thunder? …What don’t I love?

It’s not just a station, it’s a family… a close, crazy, supportive family. And the best part is: what you hear is what you get. The craziness, yes, but more importantly the “realness.” We really are as crazy as we sound, and we really do care.

Cathy Lynn Head Shot

Sharing my Sunday nights with you playing “that song” you know, that song that you danced to at your wedding, that song you shared your first kiss to … yep, you know, “that” song.

You and I have a date Sunday nights –

You & I and the BEST Country music in Virginia…

I’ll play you “that” song as long as you keep coming back for more!