Closings and Delays sponsored by:

Roof Works of Virginia

To Submit a Storm Closing

In order to have accurate information about closings or delays, we are once again touching base regarding notification. In an effort to make things easy and get the information on the air as quickly as possible, we are streamlining our connectivity procedures.

To get information on the air quickly and accurately, we ask that if you use an automated call-out system, that we be included in that call out list. We had a lot of success with this last year when school systems and services added us in this fashion.

Ways you can get information to us.

  1. ADD this number to your automated Call Out or Text Message system


2) Call 540-709-1325 and leave a voicemail with your information, password, and phone number.

  1. TEXT , 540-709-1325 (text information and password)

4) To create an account first email us with your Organization,Code, and Password.


5) Once you have email us with your Organization,Code, and Password.

To add your information instantly

We want to be sure that we are able to provide delays and closings as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation.