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July 9: Over the last few months, 20% of baby boomers have significantly increased the amount of time they had been doing this. Playing video games.

July 8: 35% of us will do this if we are having a hard time falling asleep. Have a snack!

July 7: Children are incapable of doing this until they reach the age of four. Lie.

July 6: Most adults agree that it takes good decision-making, instead of pure luck, to win these three board games. Chess, Checkers, and Scrabble.

July 2: This is the number one topic that dog owners fight over. Who hast to take the dog for a walk.

July 1: 47% of parents now catch them selves saying this phrase that their parents used to say to them. “Don’t eat that, you’ll spoil your dinner!”

June 30: In 2006, nobody had one. Today, there are over 1 1/2 million of them here in the USA. Drones.

June 29: 85% of pet owners believe this to be true. That they are happier than those who don’t have pets.

June 26: It takes 42 muscles in the human body to do this. Frown.

June 25: 55% of millennials expect this to happen to them in their lifetime. That they will become a millionaire.

June 24: 15% of truck owners have one of these. A name for their truck.

June 23: 26% of us are actually considering this permanently as a result of coronavirus. Moving.

June 19: 30% of Americans say their dad taught them how to do this. How to manage your money.

June 18: 20% of dads embarrass their kids when they do this. Yell and scream at their sports games.

June 10: If you are a parent, you are more likely to enjoy this beverage on a regular basis. Chocolate milk.

June 9: 30% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have worn this questionable fashion choice in the past. Shoulder pads, like the ones I had in my suit at the last Second Chance Prom!

June 8: On average, we spend about $109 on a gift for this. A wedding.

June 3: 17% of us considered breaking up with our significant other over this. The fact that they did not share their food.

June 2: 40% of us have secretly done this at work, when no one was looking. Adjust the thermostat.

May 20: 40% of us say we have had this nightmare since the pandemic began. Being chased.

May 19: 14% of people are currently driving a car that has this problem. A cracked windshield.

May 15: 34% of us have been doing this to stay motivated during isolation. To do lists.

May 12: 45% of us have one of these in our car even though it no longer works. An air freshener.

May 11: It’s warming up outside! 1/3 of dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this. Not wearing a shirt!

May 7: 35% of the time, we do this when shopping. Pay with cash.

May 6: This item in your house is, on average, six years old. The couch.

May 5: 22% of us do this most of the time while working from home. Wear pants.

May 4: 10% of us have eaten six of these in one sitting. Tacos.

May 1: 38% of us who are currently videoconferencing have been embarrassed because of this. Burping.

April 16: This board game was originally called Lexicon. Then Criss Cross Word – before landing on this name. Scrabble.

April 15: 35% of us don’t wash our clothes after doing this exercise. Yoga.

April 14: It is one of our top five pet peeves while stuck in quarantine. When someone in the house choose their food loudly.

April 13: 5% of us are planning on doing this with our stimulus money. Take a post pandemic vacation.

April 10: 35% of us like putting this in the Easter basket. Cash.

April 8: This is the most hated college course that students this year are glad they get to finish online. Calculus.

April 7: 52% of Americans allow their dogs to do this. Lick their face.

April 6: 25% of us have done this since the start of the pandemic. We’ve gained weight.

April 3: When you find someone has eaten your food out of the work fridge, 10% of us have done this. Sent a companywide email.

April 2: 45% of us who have done this during the pandemic have dressed up for it. A video conference from home.

April 1: We asked Dave’s Morning Show listeners where they would want to visit when they retire. What was their number one travel destination in retirement? Australia.

March 31: The average age of this item in your fridge is 18 months old. Salad dressing.

March 30: Only 18% of us do this when we wake up in the morning. Get out of bed immediately.

March 27: 28% of us have considered ending a relationship because of this. Their significant other’s credit card debt.

March 26: 31% of women say it’s a dealbreaker if their date misspronounces the name of this food establishment. Chipotle.

March 20: 35% of moms love eating this off their kid’s plate. Mac & cheese.

March 19: 20% of us say this is the biggest annoyance in our home. Pet hair.

March 18: 96% of teenagers who spend time online spend it here. YouTube.

March 17: 25% of us lie about this on a regular basis. How often we work out or go to the gym.

March 16: According to a new report, men consume 82% of this junk food. Potato chips.

March 6: 8% of weddings include this family member. The pet.

March 2: 48% of parents say this is the most challenging aspect of parenting. Discipline.

February 28: During an average lifespan, this covers 350 miles. Length of hair.

February 27: This has proven to be the most difficult thing to give up for Lent. Television.

February 26: It’s the #1 way we waste time at work. Talking about the weather.

February 25: 65% of men got nervous about their wedding the moment this happened. Getting into their tuxedo.

February 24: 28% of the Gen X generation had this growing up. A perm!

February 21: Parents say this phrase to their kids on average about 540 times during the school year. “Hurry up!”

February 20: 10% of us think wearing this improves our chances of getting a promotion at work. Wearing glasses.

February 19: 40% of us say when we have trouble sleeping, it’s because of this. The room temperature.

February 18: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, 22% of couples argue or bicker about this at least once a month. Cleaning up.

February 17: Two out of three single women say they are looking for a man who has this. A dog.

February 12: Over the past 20 years, we consume 25% less of this. Milk.

February 11: You might witness this 13 times this year. A full moon.

February 10: 33% of us say this common Valentine’s Day gift is overrated. Chocolate covered strawberries.

February 7: On average, you will experience this 96 times this year. A bad hair day.

February 6: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener is 14 when they first do this. Try coffee.

February 5: 55% of us will do this in the month of February. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February 4: The average temperature of this is 105°. A hot shower.

February 3: 48% of parents say this is their favorite thing to do with their kids. Play a boardgame.

01/31 – 28% of us say no Big Game Party is complete without this dish. Spinach and artichoke dip.

01/30 – It’s the number one food we are looking forward to eating this Sunday during the big game. Chicken wings!

01/29 – 5% of us will do this on Super Bowl Sunday. Not watch the game at all.

01/28 – 18% of us say we would rather walk 5 miles than see this person. The dentist.

01/27 – 36% of us say proposing here is tacky. At a sporting event.

01/24 – The average Dave’s Morning Show listener will down about 1,800 calories if they go here. The movies!

01/23 – if you like spicy food, you are six times more likely to have done this. Bungee jumping.

01/22 – 15% of men had this job at one time in their life. Mowing lawns.

01/21 – 18% of us have broken up with someone over this. Because they cheered for a different NFL team.

01/20 – 83% of us will do this at least once this month. Eat a meal outside the house.

01/17 – The average Dave’s Morning Show listener went through about 180 of these last year. Robo calls.

01/16 – 31% of us have used this as an excuse to avoid working out. No clean workout clothes!

01/15 – This will happen to 72% of drivers today. Someone will tailgate them.

01/14 – 27% of us with back pain say this is one of the reasons for it. Picking up the kids.

01/13 – We throw away 92% of these without ever using them. Instructions.

01/10 – 60% of today’s cars have this. A bumper sticker.

01/09 – This turns 81 years old in 2020. FM radio.

01/08 – 15% of us haven’t washed this item of clothing in the past six months. Our bathrobe.

01/07 – 22% of men say this is their favorite thing to eat while watching sports. Nachos!

01/06 – 12% of single women say this is the number one dealbreaker on a first date. Getting picked up in a dirty and messy car.

01/03 – 47% of adults do this to put themselves in a good mood. They eat their favorite dessert.

01/02 – 11% of us have made this New Year’s resolution. To learn a new language.