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June 3: 17% of us considered breaking up with our significant other over this. The fact that they did not share their food.

June 2: 40% of us have secretly done this at work, when no one was looking. Adjust the thermostat.

May 20: 40% of us say we have had this nightmare since the pandemic began. Being chased.

May 19: 14% of people are currently driving a car that has this problem. A cracked windshield.

May 15: 34% of us have been doing this to stay motivated during isolation. To do lists.

May 12: 45% of us have one of these in our car even though it no longer works. An air freshener.

May 11: It’s warming up outside! 1/3 of dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this. Not wearing a shirt!

May 7: 35% of the time, we do this when shopping. Pay with cash.

May 6: This item in your house is, on average, six years old. The couch.

May 5: 22% of us do this most of the time while working from home. Wear pants.

May 4: 10% of us have eaten six of these in one sitting. Tacos.

May 1: 38% of us who are currently videoconferencing have been embarrassed because of this. Burping.

April 16: This board game was originally called Lexicon. Then Criss Cross Word – before landing on this name. Scrabble.

April 15: 35% of us don’t wash our clothes after doing this exercise. Yoga.

April 14: It is one of our top five pet peeves while stuck in quarantine. When someone in the house choose their food loudly.

April 13: 5% of us are planning on doing this with our stimulus money. Take a post pandemic vacation.

April 10: 35% of us like putting this in the Easter basket. Cash.

April 8: This is the most hated college course that students this year are glad they get to finish online. Calculus.

April 7: 52% of Americans allow their dogs to do this. Lick their face.

April 6: 25% of us have done this since the start of the pandemic. We’ve gained weight.

April 3: When you find someone has eaten your food out of the work fridge, 10% of us have done this. Sent a companywide email.

April 2: 45% of us who have done this during the pandemic have dressed up for it. A video conference from home.

April 1: We asked Dave’s Morning Show listeners where they would want to visit when they retire. What was their number one travel destination in retirement? Australia.

March 31: The average age of this item in your fridge is 18 months old. Salad dressing.

March 30: Only 18% of us do this when we wake up in the morning. Get out of bed immediately.

March 27: 28% of us have considered ending a relationship because of this. Their significant other’s credit card debt.

March 26: 31% of women say it’s a dealbreaker if their date misspronounces the name of this food establishment. Chipotle.

March 20: 35% of moms love eating this off their kid’s plate. Mac & cheese.

March 19: 20% of us say this is the biggest annoyance in our home. Pet hair.

March 18: 96% of teenagers who spend time online spend it here. YouTube.

March 17: 25% of us lie about this on a regular basis. How often we work out or go to the gym.

March 16: According to a new report, men consume 82% of this junk food. Potato chips.

March 6: 8% of weddings include this family member. The pet.

March 2: 48% of parents say this is the most challenging aspect of parenting. Discipline.

February 28: During an average lifespan, this covers 350 miles. Length of hair.

February 27: This has proven to be the most difficult thing to give up for Lent. Television.

February 26: It’s the #1 way we waste time at work. Talking about the weather.

February 25: 65% of men got nervous about their wedding the moment this happened. Getting into their tuxedo.

February 24: 28% of the Gen X generation had this growing up. A perm!

February 21: Parents say this phrase to their kids on average about 540 times during the school year. “Hurry up!”

February 20: 10% of us think wearing this improves our chances of getting a promotion at work. Wearing glasses.

February 19: 40% of us say when we have trouble sleeping, it’s because of this. The room temperature.

February 18: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, 22% of couples argue or bicker about this at least once a month. Cleaning up.

February 17: Two out of three single women say they are looking for a man who has this. A dog.

February 12: Over the past 20 years, we consume 25% less of this. Milk.

February 11: You might witness this 13 times this year. A full moon.

February 10: 33% of us say this common Valentine’s Day gift is overrated. Chocolate covered strawberries.

February 7: On average, you will experience this 96 times this year. A bad hair day.

February 6: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener is 14 when they first do this. Try coffee.

February 5: 55% of us will do this in the month of February. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February 4: The average temperature of this is 105°. A hot shower.

February 3: 48% of parents say this is their favorite thing to do with their kids. Play a boardgame.

01/31 – 28% of us say no Big Game Party is complete without this dish. Spinach and artichoke dip.

01/30 – It’s the number one food we are looking forward to eating this Sunday during the big game. Chicken wings!

01/29 – 5% of us will do this on Super Bowl Sunday. Not watch the game at all.

01/28 – 18% of us say we would rather walk 5 miles than see this person. The dentist.

01/27 – 36% of us say proposing here is tacky. At a sporting event.

01/24 – The average Dave’s Morning Show listener will down about 1,800 calories if they go here. The movies!

01/23 – if you like spicy food, you are six times more likely to have done this. Bungee jumping.

01/22 – 15% of men had this job at one time in their life. Mowing lawns.

01/21 – 18% of us have broken up with someone over this. Because they cheered for a different NFL team.

01/20 – 83% of us will do this at least once this month. Eat a meal outside the house.

01/17 – The average Dave’s Morning Show listener went through about 180 of these last year. Robo calls.

01/16 – 31% of us have used this as an excuse to avoid working out. No clean workout clothes!

01/15 – This will happen to 72% of drivers today. Someone will tailgate them.

01/14 – 27% of us with back pain say this is one of the reasons for it. Picking up the kids.

01/13 – We throw away 92% of these without ever using them. Instructions.

01/10 – 60% of today’s cars have this. A bumper sticker.

01/09 – This turns 81 years old in 2020. FM radio.

01/08 – 15% of us haven’t washed this item of clothing in the past six months. Our bathrobe.

01/07 – 22% of men say this is their favorite thing to eat while watching sports. Nachos!

01/06 – 12% of single women say this is the number one dealbreaker on a first date. Getting picked up in a dirty and messy car.

01/03 – 47% of adults do this to put themselves in a good mood. They eat their favorite dessert.

01/02 – 11% of us have made this New Year’s resolution. To learn a new language.

HAPPY 2020!

12/31 – 6% of adult drivers keep one of these on their dashboard. A bobble head.

12/30 – 25% of us did this after getting a Christmas gift. We googled the item to find out how much it was worth.

12/27 – The average family only uses about 8% of these. What are they? Their TV channels.

12/26 – According to a new survey, lotion was the worst Christmas gift a man could give a woman. What came in second? A scale.

12/19 – 29% of us say this leads to holiday stress. Socializing.

12/10 – The average Dave’s Morning Show listener does this 28,000 times a day. Blinks.

12/09 – The average single woman does this every 2 1/2 weeks, while the typical single man does it every three months. Change their bedsheets.

12/06 – 150 million of these are produced every year for the holidays. Chocolate Santas.

12/05 – Half of all grandparents have given this gift to their grandkids for Christmas. An ugly Christmas sweater.

12/04 – 5% of us have never done this during the holidays. Give to charity.

12/03 – 49% of us will do this in order to avoid getting the flu. Wash our hands 5 to 10 times a day.

12/02 – 4 billion of us will forget to buy this person a gift for Christmas, even though we see them almost every single day. A neighbor.

November 27: There’s a good chance you have close to 6 pounds of these at your house. Pennies.

November 25: On average, you will eat 5 pounds of this carb every year. Sweet potatoes.

November 22: About 35% of us will never have one of these in our lifetime. Wisdom teeth.

November 21: Doing this for 78 minutes a day helps you maintain good mental health and boost happiness. Listening to music!

November 20: 5% of my listeners will pay someone to do this simple holiday task. Trim their Christmas tree.

November 19: 20% of us have done this home improvement before having friends and family over for the holidays. Paint.

November 18: According to a recent survey by Adobe, about 50% of workers – and 66% of bosses – wish we could get rid of this workplace tradition. The annual review/evaluation.

November 15: 24% of us say this is actually a stressful way to celebrate the holidays. Going on vacation.

November 14: 34% of us say this is one of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving. The time off.

November 13: 18% of us who have done this regretted doing it later. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

November 12: 49% of drivers say this is the number one pet peeve they have with other drivers. Not using their turn signal.

November 11: 24% of us say this is our least favorite Thanksgiving day dish. Green bean casserole.

November 8: On average, every one of us spends $1500 a year on this. Food we let go bad and throw away.

November 7: 24% of us look to buy this appliance on Black Friday. A crock pot.

November 6: According to a new Pew Research poll, 37% of us inherit this from a parent. A political party or affiliation.

November 5: 41% of men want their spouse to be known for this. Being kind.

November 4: Only 5% of us spent our extra hour over the weekend doing this. Exercising.

November 1: If you see this, you will order less food at restaurants. The calories posted on the menu.

October 31: 65% of cat owners have done this with their cat. Traveled with the cat.

October 30: According to Novotel Hotels, these are the most common items left behind in hotel rooms. Phone chargers.

October 29: 25% of us blame this person for our addiction to chocolate. We blame a coworker!

October 28: 40% of us have done this while traveling with a pet, most often with dogs. We made them wear a seatbelt.

October 25: The average woman will buy 220 of these over the course of her life. Candles.

October 24: Half of all current parents have been asked by their kids to do this. “Would you please get off the phone.”

October 23: About half of us admit we’ve done this at home. Set off the smoke detector

October 22: When it comes to Halloween, 10% of us feel this way about it. It’s our favorite holiday!

October 21: For 93% of us, it’s not a real hearty breakfast without this. Bacon!

October 18: 40% of us say it is not OK to do this on a commercial airline. Recline your seat back.

October 17: 72% of employees who are allowed to do this say it makes them highly motivated to help the company be successful. Dress up for Halloween.

October 16: 48% of parents say kids do this more during Halloween time than any other time of the year. They throw tantrums.

October 15: 10% of us who have quit our job because of the boss describe the boss as this scary movie monster. Beetlejuice!

October 14: You would have to work out at least 25 minutes on an elliptical to burn off this sweet treat. A caramel apple.

October 8: The average family spends a combined 28 minutes a day doing this. Picking stuff up off the floor in their home.

October 7: 27% of us have not done this in the past year. Read a book.

October 4: 2 out of three women are too embarrassed to do this. Accept a compliment.

October 3: More of us shop for these on Sunday than on any other day of the week. Appliances.

October 2: Worldwide, we used 127 billion of these last year. Smartphone apps.

October 1: 49% of us plan on doing this for Halloween. Decorate the house.

September 30: 72% of drivers will have this happen to them today. Someone will tailgate them.

September 18: A full 45% of women either don’t know or don’t care about this fact about themselves. Their real shoe size!

September 17: On average, women will clean these once a month, while men clean them once a year. The windows in your house.

September 16: According to Travelmath, 28% of women do this on an airplane flight. Pray.

September 13: According to salary.com, 14% of us wouldn’t turn down a job offer if this perk wasn’t offered. Access to Facebook and other social media.

September 12: Only 63% of dads carry this in case of emergency. Life insurance.

September 11: 16% of us now make this claim. We claim we’ve seen an alien.

September 10: 21% of us don’t wash our hands after doing this. Change a diaper.

September 9: 15% of NFL fans will do this at least once during the NFL season. Bet on a game.

September 6: According to a AAA survey, nearly one in 4 prospective car buyers have done this on a test drive. Brought their pets along.

September 5: 25% of us have been annoyed with a neighbor who does this. Plays an instrument.

September 4:  According to a new study of college students, doing this will make you look like it’s all about you. Taking selfies.

September 3: Of the homes that have these, 80% of them have safety issues. Decks.

August 30: 20 years ago, every adult knew how to do this. Now, only about 75% of us know how. Write a check.

August 28: 40% of us would end a relationship over this. Because we didn’t get along with their dog.

August 27: One-third of us would choose this for our last meal. Fried chicken.

August 26: Researchers at Harvard University say women who want to get pregnant should eat this at least twice a week. Ice cream!

August 23: 20% of us say someone wearing these is more attractive than someone who is not. Glasses.

August 22: 6 billion of these are sent every day. Emoji’s.

August 21: 38% of us did this for the first time when we were between the ages of 14 and 17. We had our first kiss!

August 20: 51% of men and 40% of women have almost gotten into an accident because they were distracted by this. A billboard.

August 19: 31% of us have no idea who these people are. Our neighbors.

August 16: Just over 10,000 millionaires made their money doing this. Playing video games.

August 15: 15% of us say this is the worst part of dining out. Parking.

August 14: 15% of kids around here got this before they went back to school. New glasses.

August 13: it takes an average of three minutes and 45 seconds to do this. Wait in a drive-through line.

August 12: 62% of couples who have done this say it has helped their relationship. Hired a housekeeper.

August 9: 21% of moms say, if they were given an extra hour every day, they’d do this with it. What would mom do? Read.

August 8: Half of kids under 21 no longer believe they need to do this. Go to college.

August 7: 21% of us say our favorite teacher taught this subject. Music class.

August 6: Men are more likely to have these hidden away than women. Love letters from an ex.

August 5: 33% of kids won’t eat one of these. A mushroom.

August 2: A study found that wealthy people are more likely to do this while driving. Cut people off.

August 1: Children develop one of these by the time they turn the age of seven. A fashion sense.

July 31: 75% of families attempt to do this once a year together. Go camping.

July 30: On average, we do this 100 times a week at work. Take an unauthorized break.

July 29: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener waits about five weeks before discussing this with a new significant other. Religion.

July 26: 15% of homes now have one of these. An Alexa or Google Home.

July 25: Back in 1969, “astronaut” was the number one thing kids wanted to be when they grew up. What’s the number one thing kids want to be today? A YouTube star or vlogger.

July 24: 70% of Americans who own one of these have given it a name. A guitar.

July 23: 26% of men have cried over this. A wedding.

July 22: According to a 1969 poll, 25% of Americans said this was the greatest invention in their lifetime. Electricity.

July 19: 15% of us say this is the most romantic place to share a kiss. In front of a fireplace.

July 18: 18% of women have gotten one of these behind their spouse’s back. A credit card.

July 17: During a week-long vacation, we spend an average of 4 1/2 hours doing this. Napping.

July 16: 30% of us are more likely to do this when the weather is warmer. Socialize with friends.

July 15: 25% of couples say this about their wedding. They spent too much money on it.

July 12: July, August & September are the top months for this. Birthdays.

July 11: 20% of parents say they are one of these. A stay-at-home parent.

July 10: There are 44 million ways to win this game. Bingo!

July 9: 10% of us say this is our favorite comfort food. Donuts!

July 8: 18% of women are not OK with this on a first date. Hugging.

July 5: 73% of Americans are proud of our country for this. Our achievements in sports.


July 3: 20% of us will be doing this on The 4th Of July. Displaying our American flag.

July 2: A recent survey says about one in 10 American men say they regularly ask their moms for help with this. Picking out their clothes.

July 1: 77% of us have difficulty doing this while at work. Eating healthy.

June 27: 41% of Americans now have one of these household devices. A Keurig (1 cup coffee machine).

June 26: 33% of homes in the Fredericksburg area have this game. Scrabble.

June 25: Half of all wives say this about their husbands behavior. That he acts like an extra child!

June 24: Over 300 million of these are lost or thrown away every year. Golf balls.

June 19: The average couple spends 10 minutes a day fighting over this. What to eat.

June 18: 35% of us think this is the worst part of weddings. Screaming children.

June 17: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener has saved 17 of these from over the years. Greeting cards.

June 14: 30% of us had this cringe-worthy fashion look in our past. Shoulder pads.

June 13: 75% of couples get married for this reason. Companionship.

June 12: 3000 types of bacteria can be found in this handheld item. A dollar bill.

June 11: 35% of us say this is the most intimidating exercise to do in public. Yoga.

June 6: 80% of us now believe this is a total waste of time. Social media.

June 4: Nearly 70% of us do this while eating a pretzel. We eat the curved part first.

June 3: 35% of us have cried here. At work.

May 31: 70% of Americans say this about their commute to work. They say it’s peaceful.

May 29: 15% of conversations include this. Gossip.

May 23: 45% of women do this on their drive to work. They put on make up.

May 22: 75% of us did this growing up, but now less than half of us do it. Eat together as a family at the dinner table.y

May 15: 5% of wedding guests say they never do this, while over 40% say they always do. Use the wedding registry to pick a gift.

May 14: According to the International Air Transport Association, about 1,600 airline passengers had this experience last year. They were arrested for in-flight bad behavior

May 13: The average woman has $250 worth of this that never gets used. Jewelry.

May 10: This is the top cause of stress for a mom. Not having enough money.

May 9: The average woman spends six minutes a day doing this. Removing make up and skin care products.

May 8: 12 of the Presidents of the United States don’t have this on their resumes. A college degree.

May 7: 25% of women are turned off when a man does this. Tans too much.

May 6: 20% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms say this is why they do it. One wakes up too early.

May 3:  25% of us lie about this to impress others. How often we go to the gym.

May 2: 1/3 of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have broken a diet with this. A brownie.

May 1:  1/3 of the singles who listen to Dave’s Morning Show won’t date someone because of this. Their name.

April 29:  These didn’t exist just a few years ago, but high schoolers have recently begun shelling out more than $300 for them. Promposals!

April 24: When asked the question, “if you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”, most people said … PIZZA!

April 23: 60% of women have dumped a guy because he did too much of this. Complaining.

April 22: 28% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners say it’s rude for a house guest to ask for this. Your Wi-Fi password.

April 19: 40% of men don’t know this about their significant other. Their favorite flower.

April 18: Until 1950, Americans did this twice a day. Since then, we do it only once a day. Check the mail.

April 17: The number of women in this profession has doubled since 2000. Veterinarians.

April 16: 30% of guys use this because they think it makes them look better. Hairspray.

April 15: according to a new survey, 8% of cars in the USA have this in common. The check engine light is on.

April 5: The average parent does this about 150 times a year. Eats standing up.

April 4: 70% of us who have one of these don’t use it for its original purpose. Our garage.

April 3: Over 40% of us always do this at mealtime. Add salt.

April 2: 1/3 of Dave’s Morning Show listeners say they never eat one of these. A hotdog.

April Fools Day: 10% of us have had this happen while on a date – No Fooling! We had a car accident.

March 29: A new survey says this is the most annoying phrase used at meetings. “Think outside the box”.

March 28: 28% of hiring managers say this is a dealbreaker. A weak handshake.

March 27: A new study found that this makes us order unhealthy food when dining out. Loud music.

March 26: 3 out of 4 of us who do this are almost always embarrassed if we get caught. Sing in the car.

March 25: Chances are … You have 19 of these. Passwords.

March 22: 1/3 of dads have embarrassed their daughters by doing this. Not wearing a shirt when her friends are at the house.

March 21: Over half of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say this is their man’s worst habit. Channel surfing.

March 20: The average age of this item, in your house, is almost 2 years old. That bottle of salad dressing!

March 19: In 2017, 4,400 seniors – those over 65 – visited the emergency room due to an accident involving this. Walking their dog.

March 18: Women are more likely to do this when going out with friends in the evening, than when we going on a date. Wear make up.

March 15: While 25% of us never use this product, another 25% of us use it every day. Cologne or perfume.

March 14: Almost 20% of men say they have never done this. Worn a tuxedo.

March 13: 25% of us have never been inside this place. The next-door neighbor’s house.

March 12: 1/2 of kids from big cities have never done this. Roasted marshmallows.

March 11: For every 100 miles we drive, we do this about 40 times. Curse.

March 8: About 10% of adults thought this was gross as kids, and still think it is now. Seeing their parents kiss.

March 7: On any given day, about half of us will eat this. Potatoes.

March 6: Dave’s Morning Show listeners say it’s their favorite vacation activity. Shopping.

March 5: The average Fredericksburgian (is that even a word?!) will eat about 26 of these every year. Chickens.

March 4: Almost 80% of women say men over the age of 30 shouldn’t do this. Wear an earring.

February 25: About 25% of us will do this this summer. Take a vacation alone.

February 22: This is the number one pet peeve of dads. People leaving the lights on.

February 21: When it comes to our breakfast eating habits, 10% of us do this unusual thing. We put milk in a bowl before the cereal.

February 20: Half of us think that doing this puts us in a better mood. Taking a long hot shower.

February 19: It takes the average Dave’s Morning Show listener five tries to perfect one of these. A selfie.

February 18: According to health experts, if you do this 3 times a day, you reduce your chance of getting a cold by 40%.  Gargle.

February 15: When arguing with your spouse, marriage experts advise you to never say this. “Calm down”.

February 14: Americans spend more money on this now than ever before. Music.

February 13: Almost 20% of women have kept this a secret from their husbands. A fender bender.

February 12: The percentage of us planning to do this has fallen to its lowest level in more than a decade. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February 11: Coffee is the most recognizable smell. Peanut butter is second. What’s third? A rose.

February 7: There is a 50-50 chance a man will have this by the time he’s 50. Male pattern baldness. *editors note: I Hate This Question!

February 6: This doesn’t work in one out of every four homes in the USA. The doorbell.

February 5: 10% of us did this before we got to work today. Spilled something.

February 4: 20% of us have no idea if our car has one of these. A spare tire.

January 31: 60% of us had one of these when we were kids. A jump rope.

January 30: According to women, this is the most annoying thing about men. That they never admit to being wrong.

January 29: The average American home has over 100 of these. Books.

January 28: 5% of us say we would do this if we won the lottery. We would roll around in the money!

January 18: About 10% of us say this is the first thing we do when we get out of bed in the morning. Check on the pets.

January 17: This did not happen during the holidays for over half of all U.S. adults. They didn’t get a Christmas bonus.

January 16: Typically, this happens to a woman at age 34. She starts acting like her mother.

January 15: A new study has determined that we spend five years of our lives feeling like this. Bored.

January 9: A new study found that only 12.7% of women have this. Natural blonde hair.

January 8: Research finds that you are better able to keep your New Year’s resolution if you do this. Keep it a secret.

January 7: 35% of us always tip for this service. Babysitting.

January 4: According to a recent survey, 90% of kids learn how to do this before the age of four. Lie!

January 3: Survey says … Android users have about seven of these in their phones. iPhone users have 12. Selfie’s.

January 2: 18% of us have stolen this from work. Printer paper. (Pens and pencils are the top things we steal from work. 38% of us have done it.)


December 31: 78% of adults claim they are good at this. Spelling.

December 27: 90% of us have at least 20 of these tucked away. Gift bags.

December 26: About 150,000 guys did this on Christmas morning. Popped the question.

December 21: 68% of women say they know their husband trusts them when he does this. He lets her borrow his car.

December 20: Because of technology, you spend 40 fewer minutes a week here. The bank.

December 19: This will happen to seven out of 10 dogs this month. They will get a Christmas gift.

December 18: The typical couple will fight about this about three times a week. The temperature of their home.

December 17: Worldwide, there are $800 million worth of these stolen from stores every year. Shopping carts.

December 11: Every hour, around 60,000 Americans are doing this. Flying in a plane.

December 10: In the late 1960s and 1970s, 50% of kids did this. Today it’s about 15%. Walk to school.

December 5: The average parent does this five times a week, for about 14 minutes each time. Argues with a child.

December 4: 40% of married women do this in the house when their husband isn’t looking. Adjust the thermostat.

December 1: If a man has one of these, there’s a good chance he will make better life choices. A daughter.

November 30: In 2005, 94 1/2 million Americans owned one of these … not-so-much anymore. A VHS VCR.

November 29: Only 17% of us prefer shopping for this on-line. Groceries.

November 28: 80% of stay at home moms don’t own one of these. An apron.

November 27: You will take about three hours to do this during the Christmas season. Clean and prepare the house for guests.

November 26: Women are much more likely to say this about the holiday season than men. That the holidays are stressful.

November 21: 9% of married couples met here. At a coffee shop.

November 20: 45% of us have one of these, but 41% of us have never done anything about it. An idea, as in an entrepreneurial idea.

November 19: 25% of us say the reason we don’t do this chore more often, is because we’re afraid of what we’ll find. Clean the refrigerator.

November 16: In 2017, the average woman chose four of these. But in 2018, she chooses five. Bridesmaids.

November 14: Chances are, you will do this 13 times between November 22 and December 31. Over eat.

November 12:  Men are 3 times more likely to lose this than women?  Their hearing.

November 9:  About 10-percent of the people who do this for a living are injured each year?  Clowns

November 8:  The average one of these is only used between 5 and 7 times?  A baseball.

November 7:  During the holidays more than 200-thousand people are hurt doing this? Opening a toy package.

November 5: When it comes to shopping on Black Friday, men are more likely than women to do this. Shop in a store.

November 2: You have a 45% chance of breaking up after four months, if this is true about your relationship. That it’s long distance.

November 1: M&M’s are the number one candy most often mentioned in song lyrics. What’s number two? Skittles.

October 31: A man will typically reduce this by 7% when he’s with his wife. His walking pace.

October 30: 31% of us think this will eventually happen to us. We will become a millionaire!

October 29: 30% of us have done this on the line within the past month. Made an impulse purchase.

October 26: Just in time for Halloween, a survey finds 45% of us believe in this. Reincarnation.

October 25: If you are up to it, this activity can burn 429 calories in 90 minutes. Raking leaves.

October 24: 44% of women say they won’t go on a second date with a man because of this. He still lives at home.

October 23: 85% of parents do this for their kids on Halloween. They check the kid’s candy before letting them eat it. (And after we check, we just keep right on eating …!)

October 22: A new survey found that 60% of us think we are really bad at this. Drawing.

October 19: A new study says doing this at work can fight off stress. Swearing.

October 18: Men today are three times more likely to do this in public than their fathers. Cry.

October 17: This is the thing men do that is most annoying to women. Never admitting they are wrong.

October 16: If you had this in 1970, it would be worth $67 today. $10.

October 15: 20% of us say we feel guilty doing this, but 70% of us do it anyway. Regifting.

October 12: 18% of us plan to do this on Halloween. Dress our pet up in a costume.

October 11: Doing this 3 to 4 times a day keeps the doctor away. Drinking a cup of coffee.

October 9: The average American eats about 100 of these a year. Bananas!

October 8: According to a new study, the more money you have, the more likely you are to try this. Try to lose weight.

September 28: A new study says that millennials are doing this 18% less than the previous generation. Getting divorced.

September 27: Relationship coaches say that one in five couples now go to therapy to deal with this. Their in-laws.

September 26: Every second, 17 of these are sold throughout the world. Big Macs.

September 25: 80% of working adults save their bored with this. Their lunch choices. Turns out, one out of three of us eat the same lunch pretty much every day!

September 24: 45% of us did this alone when we were kids. But only 25% of us would let our kids do it alone now. Trick or treat.

September 18: Nearly 20% of us lost this on our summer vacation. Our cell phone charger.

September 17: According to a survey, 10% of cars have this in common. The “check engine light” is on.

September 14: There are 1,295 of these in California. McDonald’s.

September 13: You are most likely to see this in your home after 7:30 PM. A spider.

September 12: A new survey finds that parents do this 37 hours a week. They worry about their kids.

September 11: About 2,300 Americans went to the emergency room last year because of this food. Pizza!

September 7: 75% of us pre-order this, so we can do it the old-fashioned way. Read a book. (Sounds like a good idea considering this weekend’s weather forecast!)

September 6: People in 75% of countries around the world have this in common. They drive on the right side of the road.

September 5: According to research, men consume 82% of this product. Potato chips. No surprise there.

September 4: A new survey says 35% of us snuck some of this in over the Labor Day weekend. Some quiet time

August 22: A new survey says 15% of us have changed this because of social media. Our political or social views.

August 21: Many of us believe you can predict this about someone based on their favorite type of music. How much money they make.

August 20: 42% of women say this is the most stressful thing about going on vacation. What bathing suit to wear.

August 10: If you have this, you’re likely to get 25 minutes less sleep every night. High-speed Internet.

August 9: 55% of women say a “real man” shouldn’t be scared of this. A spider.

August 8: Women do this half as much as men do. Sweat.

August 7: You can usually do this in a half a second. Recognize a sound.

August 6: If you’d like to keep yourself from eating when you are stressed, it’s recommended that you do this for 60 seconds. Massage your feet.

August 3: If you do this, you will live almost 2 years longer than those who don’t do it at all. Read books.

August 2: A new study shows that doing this every two weeks can increase your life expectancy by nine years. Going to concerts.

August 1: According to a recent study, this is the number one thing that people judge you on. Your teeth.

July 31: We experience over 1,400 of these a year. Dreams.

July 30: You stop doing this when you’re almost 30 years old. Seeking out new music.

July 27: A poll finds that 59% of Americans believe this to be true, even though recent published reports indicate otherwise. That there is intelligent life in outer space.

July 26: For an instant mood boost, you should do this. Draw a picture of your favorite fatty food.

July 25: 45% of us say doing this instantly puts us in a good mood. Taking a long, hot shower.

July 24: This happens about every three minutes. Your smart phone tracks you.

July 23: 51% of pet owners haven’t done this since owning their pet. Traveled outside the country.

July 20: Research shows that doing this for two minutes is as good for your heart as a 20 minute jog. Laughing.

July 19: If you do this, you will fall asleep nine minutes faster. Write to-do lists.

July 18: New research reveals that couples who want to rekindle their romance should do this together. Watch cute animal videos.

July 17: Nearly 10% of singles have broken up with someone over this. A Facebook post.

July 16: One out of 10 of us will do this before we get to work today. We’ll spill something on ourselves.

July 13: Worldwide, $2 billion are spent by consumers each year to combat this. Bad breath.

July 12: A new study says half of us wish we could do this at home. What is it? Sleep in a separate bed from our significant other.

July 11: A new survey says one in 10 of us who were grossed out by this as kids, are still grossed out about it as adults. Seeing our parents kiss.

July 6:   33% of us say we never eat one of these. A hot dog!

July 5:   Parents will spend about $1530 on this during the summer. Food and drinks for kids.

July 3: According to a new survey, we get a group together to do this an average of five times a year. Play board games.

June 29: Married men are twice as likely to do this every day than single men. Change their underwear!

June 28: In a survey of people over the age of 50, they say doing this makes them feel younger. Driving.

June 27: 28% of us do this before we buy a house. We meet the neighbors.

June 25: It’s summer time! And 67% of us say we hate doing this. Going on a picnic.

June 22: Doing this will make you happier and wealthier. Regular exercise.

June 21: We spend about 18 minutes a day thinking about this. Vacation!

June 20: A new study says that millennials could make this a thing of the past, with 10% of millennials currently not doing it. Tipping.

June 19: A new study says that modern life has gotten so stressful that we need to do this more in order to stay healthy. Sleep.

June 18: The site of this makes about one in three women cry. Their first wrinkle.

June 15: In a new survey, we find that 20% of workers say there is no downside to this. Working from home.

June 14: In a new survey, 1/3 of us say this is a sign that you have your life together. You smell good.

June 13: A new survey found that nearly 10% of us have gotten into an accident because of this person. The backseat driver.

June 12: Men spend about 2 1/2 hours more every week doing this than women. Hanging out with friends.

June 11: It’s hardest to do this as an adult, but easiest in elementary school and college. Find a best friend.

June 8: About 25% of us will wear these this summer. Designer sunglasses.

June 7: When this happens, 53% of us say we are disappointed, while 22% of us are relieved. When someone cancels plans with us.

June 6: A recent survey found that 20% of us say this is keeping us from achieving our dreams. Fear.

June 5: People who do this are eight times more likely to be late for an appointment than people who don’t. Set their watches ahead five or more minutes.

May 25: A new survey found that the average person experiences this about eight times a week. Moments of pure joy.

May 24: A new study found that millennials are twice as likely to brag about this on social media than older adults. Do it yourself projects.

May 23: Doing this as soon as you get home could help you lose weight. Taking your shoes off.

May 22: A recent study regarding online dating found that you will get better results if you let a stranger do this for you. Choose your profile picture.

May 21: A new study found that about 7% of us have checked our work email here, while on vacation. In the pool.

May 18: This is a bucket list item for about 40% of us. A hot air balloon ride.

May 17: About 10% of us have one of these, but we are not willing to share it. A chili recipe.

May 16: A new survey says parents do this an average of 156 times a year at dinner time. They eat standing up.

May 9: A new poll found that 78% of us consider the time we spend doing this as our “me” time. Commuting to work.

May 8: 70% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say doing this relaxes them. Eating chocolate.

May 7: 28% of us never have this. Cash on hand.

May 4: In a new survey, 6% of us think this about our house. We think it’s haunted.

May 3:  Half of Dave’s Morning Show listeners say they can’t remember this from high school. Their prom song.

May 2: A new study finds that doing this every day reduces anxiety and depression, and improves balance. Rocking in a rocking chair.

May 1: Statistics prove that you are likely to make over $2000 a year extra if you have this trait. You’re left-handed.

April 30: The average family is likely to do this on a Friday night, more so than any other night. Order pizza.

April 17: This is now true in just under half of all marriages. The wife makes more money than the husband.

April 16: A new survey says 70% of grownups really miss this. Their childhood.

April 12: A new survey found that men seem more trustworthy and intelligent if this is true about them. They are clean shaven.

April 11: A recent survey found that 89% of Americans have one of these in their family. A sibling.

April 10: A recent survey found that 35% of us wear this at least three times before washing it. Gym clothes.

April 2: A new study found that 20 minutes here makes you feel 20% better and can help you live longer. Where is it? A concert.

March 30: Researchers found that those of us who obsess over this actually improve our lives. We obsess over our failures.

March 29: These have actually been found to be accurate about 22% of the time. Fortune cookies.

March 28: One-third of us have done this after a performance review at work. We cried.

March 27: We are three times more likely to complain about this on the weekends, compared to weekdays. Our house.

March 23: For couples in their 20s, there is a 35% chance they argue about this once a month. Each other’s parents

March 22: “What’s the worst thing you can wear on a first date?” 45% of single people responded with this answer. Clothes that are too young for your age.

March 21: 75% of us say we sleep better and we are happier the more we do this. Clean the house.

March 20: A new survey asked “what major scientific breakthroughs do you expect to see in your lifetime?“  45% of respondents said this. Living under the sea.

March 16: A recent survey says 40% of men spend time here every day. Their man cave.

March 15: 15% of married man don’t know this about their wives. Her eye color.

March 14: 40% of married women have done this when their husband wasn’t looking. They turned up the heat!

March 9: A new informal survey has found that most of these are plagiarized. Old family recipes.

March 8: We spend an average of four seconds longer at this place today than we did five years ago, because of texting. A stop light.

March 7: The average mom spends four months of her life doing this. Ironing clothes.

March 2: 40% of us do this every single day. We make our bed.

March 1:  A new study says 25% of us have gotten into an accident here. Where? In a parking lot.

February 28: Dave’s Morning Show listeners who do this for 30 seconds a day take 30% fewer sick days. Take a cold shower!

February 27: A new survey of hiring managers found 73% of them would pass on you if you do this in your interview. Tell a lie.

February 26: Eggs are number two. Peanuts are number three. But what’s the number one food we are allergic to? Milk.

February 23: 29% of us say this is our average impulse buy. Take out food.

February 22: A new study says this can give us unrealistic expectations when it comes to medical care. TV medical dramas.

February 21: 60% of us always do this after taking a bath. Take a shower.

February 20: A new study says adults, 35 and younger, are willing to do this 40% longer than people over 35. Wait on hold with customer service.

February 19: A new survey says Americans have two months of this every year. Bad days.

February 16: The average person would give up an hour and a half of sleep every night in exchange for this. A 10% raise at work.

February 15: According to several studies, single people are healthier than people in a relationship and this is the number one reason why. They have more friends.

02/14 – A new study says getting this only makes you happy for an average of four years. A raise.

02/13 – On average, women do this four times a year. They spend an entire day in their pajamas!

02/09 – A new study has discovered that this is making us dumber at work. Dim lighting.

02/08 – 65% of coffee drinkers do this. What is it? They add cream sugar or milk to their coffee.

02/07 – A new survey finds that just using this word can make you gain weight. The word is “snack”.

02/06 – Survey says … Only 30% of us believe this when we see it on TV. The weather forecast.

02/05 – One out of 9 Americans has worked here. At a convenience store.

02/02 – 30 years ago, 80% of us could do this. Today, only about 25% of us can. Drive a stick shift.

02/01 – 25% of us carry this with us at all times. Chewing gum.

01/31 – 20% of our dogs have chewed on this and ruined it. Our eyeglasses.

01/30 – Half of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have used this as a microphone while singing in the shower. A curling iron.

01/29 – 65% of babies born last year had this happen to them within an hour of birth. Their picture was on Facebook.

01/26 – 10% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners say they wouldn’t stop to do this on the street. Pick up a coin.

01/25 – A new study says if your nose is cold, it could be because of this. You’re working too hard.

01/22 – The average woman has at least one of these in her purse. An eyelash curler.

01/16 – A new study says, for women,  doing this three hours a day could kill you. But for men, there is no affect. Doing chores.

01/15 – A new survey says, when it comes to travel, 40% of us have never left the country, and 11% of us have never done this. Left our home state.

01/12 – As a man gets older, he is more likely to wear one of these. A sweater.

01/11 – 15% of us admit we have done this in church. Surfed the web.

01/10 – 15% of men admit they do this in the bathroom. Pose in front of the mirror.

01/09- According to a recent survey, 15 percent of us hide things here when guests show up unexpectedly. The bathtub!

01/08 – A new survey has determined that 30 percent of us admit we overspent on this over the holidays. Liquor.

01/02 – Sleep experts say 13% of us do this when we dream. We dream in black & white.


December 20: A fitness magazine poll finds that 1/3 of us would rather not do this at the gym. Sweat.

December 19: 45 percent of mall Santas this in common. They are college graduates.

December 18: A new survey says women are twice as likely to do this at work as men are. Give Christmas gifts to coworkers.

December 14: If you want to avoid cold and flu germs at work, you should stay away from this. The coffee machine.

December 13:  A new study found that we spend about $1200 a year on this, and half of us feel guilty about it. Ordering takeout.

December 12: A new survey found that six out of 10 of us would give this up to have our student loans wiped out. Our hair!

December 11: A new survey says Christmas shopping is bad for this. Your knees.

December 8: 3 out of 4 Dave’s Morning Show listeners who do online dating say this one little thing in a person’s profile can be a dealbreaker. Bad spelling or grammar.

December 6: A new study found that this is the number one thing that annoys us while we are out Christmas shopping. People walking slowly.

December 5: According to a recent survey, 35% of us have done this at our Christmas party. We left to go to a better party!

December 1: A new survey found that 40% of us planned to do this to help make our budget this year for Christmas. Cash in our spare change.

November 29: It takes a kid about 35 seconds to get this done. Sit on Santa’s lap.

November 28: Survey says… This is the number one thing that will put you in a bad mood in the morning. Spilling something on yourself.

November 27: A new survey asked workers their favorite part of the holidays at work. 22% of them said the potluck lunch.

November 17: A new survey says 23% of us would not do this over the holidays for any amount of money. Give up our seat on a flight.

November 16: A recent survey found that women can do this for about 32 minutes and 45 seconds. Keep a secret.

November 15: According to a recent survey, this is the most memorable advertising character of all time. The Jolly Green Giant.

November 14: Experts say Monday is the best day to buy this. A car.

November 13: You have probably already used one of these today, and you’ll probably use at least seven more by next Monday. A password.

November 10: 48% of managers say they don’t like this about their job. Their official job title.

November 9: A recent survey found that 10% of us are interested in trying this seasonal job. Shopping mall Santa.

November 8: 25% of us do this before we buy a house. We meet the neighbors.

November 7: People who work in offices without these sleep an average of 45 minutes less per night than people with them. Windows.

November 6: The average person starts doing this at the age of 41. Taking vitamins.

November 3: Half of us feel burned out at work, and 15% of us say it’s because of this. Long hours.

November 2: An online poll of social media users found that 90% of us believe this feature makes the online experience better. The “like” button.

November 1: When asked who would make the perfect college roommate, this was the number one response from students. Mom!

October 31: If you want to make a new habit stick, do this. Do it in the morning.

October 30: A recent survey determined that we perform better on a test if we have one of these. A cold.

October 27: 65% of women in a relationship say they don’t initially believe their man when he tells them this. That he’s sick.

October 26: 45% of us say we won’t share this food with anyone, not even our kids or our spouse. A sandwich.

October 25: A new survey says the two worst things you can do on a first date are talking about the weather and doing this. Seeing a horror movie.

October 24: 3 out of four of us believe in at least one paranormal thing, with 18% of us believing in this. That Bigfoot is real.

October 23: A new survey says that this happens to us for roughly 10 hours every week at work. We’re bored.

October 20: It costs you about $.25 a year to use these, based on the amount of energy they use and the tiny amount of gas they take.  Your turn signals.

October 19: 8% of us admit we’ve used this to floss our teeth. Our hair!

October 18: A new study has determined that shopping for a Halloween costume can cause this. Lice.

October 17: 15% of us sleep in a separate bedroom than our spouse for this reason. We don’t want to wake our spouse with our alarm clock.

October 16: 1/3 of us say we would live in a haunted house if this were true about the house. That it had more bedrooms than our current home.

October 13: A new survey found that this is true about 42% of Americans this year. That’s an increase of 3% over the last decade. What is it? They are single.

October 12: 80% of us say we don’t mind if this is true about our boss. That the boss is younger than we are.

October 11: 55% of us say it’s not important to have one of these in our home anymore. A dining room.

October 10: A new survey says 22% of us have already started working on this. Putting our Halloween costume together.

October 9: It is the most popular food item to post a picture of on social media. Shrimp.

October 6: 90% of us don’t particularly like the taste of this, but we endure it anyway. Envelope glue.

October 5: 30% of us have been late for work because of this. We forgot our phone and went back home to get it.

October 4: The average person spends two hours a week doing this. Checking the weather or talking about the weather.

October 3: A recent survey found that 10% of US college graduates believe this to be true about Judge Judy. That she is on the Supreme Court.

October 2: A new poll finds that half of us keep this hidden in our home. Love letters from an ex.

September 29: A new study found that being in a good mood when you do this could make it more effective. When you get your flu shot.

September 28: 8% of us admit we have called in sick for work to do this. Binge watch our favorite TV show.

September 27: 1/3 of women are turned off by a guy who has this. A beard.

September 26: Nearly 80% of women do this regularly, while only about 60% of men do it. Use coupons.

September 25: According to a recent survey, this is the most uncivilized thing we do in public. Wearing pajama pants.

September 22: Women take 20 seconds longer than men to do this. Parallel park.

September 20: 75% of us who have one of these say it helps us stay fit. A dog.

September 19: You are more likely to do this on a Tuesday than any other day of the work week. Work through lunch.

September 18:  A recent survey says about 20% of us break up with someone because they don’t have this. A sense of humor.

September 15: 58% of us tried doing this on our summer vacation … and failed. Disconnect from social media.

September 14: 78% of us get annoyed when we have to wait more than a minute for this.  An elevator.

September 13: Flight attendants say this is the worst thing people do on flights.  Clip their toenails.

September 12: 28% of us say we have had our day ruined by this. A comment on social media.

September 11: A new survey says 75% of us who still have this say we will never get rid of it. Our childhood teddy bear.

September 8: Office productivity increases by nearly 8% when the boss does this. Buys pizza for the office.

September 7: A new survey found the peak time for this on the weekend is between 4 and 6 PM. To get a speeding ticket.

August 31: 61% of us have witnessed a coworker not do this. Wash their hands after using the bathroom.

August 30: A new study says half of us don’t like doing this when we are at home. Answer the door.

August 29: According to a new study, happy people tend to do this more than other people. Sing in the shower.

August 28: A new study says…  If you don’t like this, it’s your parents fault. Exercise.

August 25: 6 out of 10 of us say this matters when choosing a new car. What their dog will like or what the dog thinks!

August 24: Almost half of all homeowners have two of these at their house right now. BBQ grills.

August 23: A recent survey says that men are more likely to get hit on at the gym when they are wearing this. A hoodie.

August 11: A new survey found that this usually predicts the future 22% of the time. A fortune cookie.

August 10: 85% of us love the smell of this, but the rest of us think it’s stinks. The ocean.

August 9: About half of women surveyed say they find it “very attractive” when a potential love interest knows how to do this. Iron clothes.

August 8: 20% of us have missed work at least once due to this. A stubbed toe.

August 7: 28% of men say they have embarrassed themselves, at work, by showing up with this. Toilet paper on a shaving nick.

August 4: A new survey reveals that the average teacher spends $468 for this every school year. Their own school supplies.

August 3: 90% of men say they have never seen their father do this. Make a bed.

August 2: 96% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners can identify the sound of this within two seconds. An ice cream truck.

August 1: For men, ownership of these is up about 5% from last year. Cats.

July 31: 15% of women have broken up with a guy because of this. They didn’t like his mom.

July 27: 3 out of four of us say this relationship lasts an average of eight years and two months. Who is this relationship with? Your hairstylist.

July 26: A new survey says the average person does this 32 times a year. Breaks the law!

July 25: Researchers found that spending two hours a day doing this reduces your IQ. Sitting in your car.

July 24: A new survey says 60% of us use our cell phones at work to do this. Check sites blocked on our work computer.

July 21: According to a recent survey, the average mom has 15 of these per day. Minutes of free time.

July 20: In a recent survey, one in four drivers said they do this every day. Run a red light

July 19: The average person consumes 24 pounds of these a year. French fries.

July 18: In 84% of households with kids, mom decides this. Bedtime.

July 13: The average person gets four of these a year. Birthday gifts.

July 12: If you want to keep mosquitoes away from you, don’t do this. Drink alcohol.

July 11: A new study found that men live longer when they do this. Marry a younger woman.

July 10: If you’re in a room with 70 people, statistics prove that there’s a 99.9% chance at least two of them will have this in common. The same birthday.

July 7: 53% of us say it’s not appropriate to discuss this before a third date. Politics.

July 6: Disney World buys more of these than any other company in North America. Fireworks.

July 5: 15% of guys admit they insulted a first date by asking for this. Gas money.

July 3: The  average Dave’s Morning Show listener uses four of these a day. Cups or glasses.

June 30: According to a new survey, 25% of us say we will do this on vacation. Completely disconnect.

June 29: 55 percent of us will buy this for our July 4th celebration. Insect repellent.

June 28: 25 percent of us lie about using this product. Dental floss.

June 27: A new survey found that 60% of us check our email here. In bed.

June 26: According to a new survey, half of us say we like this better when we come home from vacation. Our significant other.

June 23: A new survey says that 48% of us wish we could do this at work. Wear a uniform.

June 22: 78 percent of us who have one of these say we almost never use it. A pool table.

June 21: A new survey has found that nearly 10% of us spend money on this behind our significant others back. Foods we feel guilty about eating.

June 20: A new survey asked people what drove them crazy about their college roommate, and 80% of them said it was this. That their roommate used their shampoo.

June 19: Women are three times more likely to do this in the car. Wear a seatbelt.

June 16: A new study found that if you switch tasks at work, you should do this first. Wash your hands. Apparently, the physical act of washing your hands forces your brain to switch gears.

June 14: The average person forgets to do this at least five times a month. Wear deodorant.

June 13: 25% of men say they would not date a woman if she had one of these. A twin!

June 12: A recent survey says that even though we complain about it, 56% of us like hanging out here.  At the airport.

June 9: 45% of us who exercise have tried improving our workouts by spending $100 or more on this. Ear buds or headphones.

June 8: 22% of us have gotten into an argument at work with a coworker over this. Stealing things from the other coworker.

June 7: A new study says if we do this at least two hours a week, we are more likely to succeed at work. Play video games!

June 6: 77% of people say this is the biggest red flag when it comes to dating. Being rude to the waitstaff.

June 5: A new survey says that when they moved, 2% of people did this. They dumped everything and started from scratch.

June 2: A study has found that over the past three centuries, this has gotten 700% larger. A wine glass.

June 1: 70% of us say our vacation is ruined if this happens. We get a call from the boss.

May 31: 22% of us say we’ve been late for work because of this. We forgot our cell phone and went back for it.

May 30: 15% of us would rather lose this than our cell phone. Vacation days.

May 26: 68% of same sex siblings have fought over this. Borrowing clothing without asking.

May 25: 20% of women find this a good thing when it comes to online dating profiles. Photos of pets.

May 24: 25% of women say this is their husband’s worst habit. Leaving a wet towel on the bed.

May 23:  This is said to be the #1 clue a guy is committed to a girl.  It’s when he talks about his ex.

May 22: The average four-year-old does this 48 times a day.  They ask “WHY?!”

May 19: 25 years ago, this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear, but now it is.   It’s a hoodie.

May 15: 55% of moms always have this on them when you need them. What are they? Tissues.

May 12: 6% of us say we would be willing to do this to avoid doing our taxes. We’d spend a night in the pokey!

May 11: 22% of women do this before they step on the scale. They pray.

May 10: Over 6000 people are injured every year by these. Pillows!

May 9: 75% of women have given their husbands one of these. A “to do” list.

May 8: 65% of us would choose this over our significant other if we had to. Our pet.

May 5: 30% of women will clean this today. Their belly button!

May 4: 1/3 of married people don’t know this about their spouse. They don’t know how much money they make.

May 3: 45% of parents allow their daughters to do this before they’re 10. Wear nail polish.

May 2: 22% of us admit we absolutely could not complete this task if we were asked to do it today. Pass a written driving test.

May 1: 70% of us consider this as one of the biggest myths in office life. The one hour lunch break. Seems we either work through lunch, or take five or 10 minutes to wolf it down.

April 28: Every single day, one out of five of us will forget this. What day it is.

April 27: In 52% of marriages, this is now true. The wife makes more than the husband.

April 26: 40% of women get their hair cut for this. Their drivers license picture.

April 25: 3 out of four women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have a secret fund for this. It’s a secret shoe fund.

April 24: A new study out of the University of Iowa says your kids shouldn’t do this until they’re 14 years old. Cross the street alone.

April 21: 73% of married men say they never let their wives near this. The grill.

April 20: 23% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners who sing out loud today will do this.  Sing a commercial jingle.

April 19: A new survey has found that men wearing socks with sandals is the top male fashion fail. What’s second on the list? A man bun.

April 18: If you want your kids to love reading, you should encourage them to do this. Read to the dog!

April 17:  A new study says having this in your house can reduce your income by up to 11%. It’s a crying baby, because parents woken up at night by babies are less likely to hold down jobs, and more likely to work shorter hours.

April 14: This happens 3 million times a minute. Somebody likes something on Facebook.

April 13: 53% of men say doing this makes them sleepy. Getting a haircut!

April 12:  The average person performs this function 22 times a day. Opening the refrigerator door.

April 11: A new study says 43% of us believe we would be healthier if we ate this instead of what we are eating now. Dog food.

April 10: 53% of brides won’t book a wedding venue these days unless it has this. Good WiFi!

April 7: Only 22% of teenagers own one of these. A watch.

April 6: A new survey says the average single person spends seven minutes of their workday doing this. Using their dating app.

April 5: Half of us admit we can’t remember this from high school. It’s our prom song.

April 4: It’s the most annoying sleep habit your spouse can have. What is it? Stealing the bed sheets!

April 3: Around 60% of drivers have this in their car, but they don’t use it. It’s a cassette player.

March 31: Drivers are doing this 10% more than they did five years ago. Honking their horn.

March 30: It’s traditional for women to do this sitting down. Men do it standing up. What is it!? It’s shaking hands!

March 29: 53% of us do this on the weekends. We pay bills.

March 28: 29% of men wear this because they believe it improves their appearance. Hairspray!

March 27: When asked which springtime activity we are looking forward to most, 22% of us say this. Riding a bike.

March 24: 1/3 of us have been late for a meeting because of this. Getting our coffee!

March 23: If you’re the average Dave’s Morning Show listener, this will happen to you at 9:45 this morning. You’ll finally be fully awake.

March 22: 55% of the moms have done this when their kids weren’t home. Played video games!

March 21: 45% of us have lied to our spouse about this. Money!

March 20: When blowing out birthday candles, 25% of women said they wished for this. More time with their husbands!  AW!!

March 16: 1 out of five drivers will experience this today. A dashboard warning light.

March 15: On average, each one of us does this three times a day. We tie a shoe.

March 14: 52% of us say we don’t have this at work. The sad answer is a friend.

March 13: 41 is the average age when we start doing this in order to get healthy. Taking a vitamin.

March 10: Most of us to do this as adults started doing it at age 14. Drinking coffee.

March 9: 3 out of four of us who do this alone say we’d rather have someone to do it with. Drive to work.

March 8: 20% of us say we would do this if we could go back in time. What is it? Learn to play a musical instrument.

March 7: A new study says the number of high school seniors who have this has dropped from 85.3% in 1996  to a record low 71.5% in 2015. Surprisingly, it’s a drivers license!

March 6: 73% of women do this before going on spring break. They go tanning!

March 3: if you have one of these, odds are you spend about $792 a year on it. A cat.

March 2: 40% of us think it’s unprofessional for our boss to use these. Emoji’s.

March 1: 28% of us spend more time doing this at the gym than exercising. Sitting in the sauna or hot tub.

February 24: A new survey found that 72% of us will go to specific businesses because they have this. Clean bathrooms.

February 23: 9 out of 10 singles would prefer to find a potential date here rather than a dating app. At a concert.

February 22: There are 9.8 trillion ways to do this. Make change for a $100 bill. Oh and by the way, there are 292 ways to make change for a one dollar bill.

February 21: A new survey found that it’s been nine years since the average person has done this. Ridden a bike.

February 20: 22% of millennials say they’ve never eaten this. A Big Mac.

February 17: 35% of women say a man who wears one of these looks uncool. A Bluetooth earpiece.

February 16: Survey says… 60% of men and 50% of women talk to their boss about this. Their love life.

February 15: 175 million of these are sold in the US every year. Girl Scout cookies!

February 14: 68% of women say they know their man trusts them when he does this. He gives her keys to his car.

February 13: Last year, 13% of newborns had one of these.  An email address.

February 9: A new poll has determined that this is the worst possible pick up line a guy can use in a bar. “Come here often?”

February 8: 44% of women say they’d rather not ask a man to do this, but will if they have to. Zip up their dress!

February 7: A recent survey found that 82% of us have struggled with this on a first date. What to talk about.

February 6: 13% of grown-ups see this annual event as the most stressful thing they do all year. It’s that dreaded annual family vacation!

February 3: We do this about every 18 months. We buy a new mobile phone.

February 2: 27 million of these will be consumed in the next hour… Coca-Cola’s!

February 1: About 20% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners keep this in their glove compartment.  A tube of toothpaste.

January 31: 8% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have done this while working out. They’ve shopped online.

January 30: Studies prove that doing this will make people trust you. Wearing lavender or having a lavender air freshener.

January 27: A new survey found that 1/3 of all couples have never done this. They’ve never gone on a romantic trip together.

January 26: The average person now does this 4 years sooner, compared to 40 years ago. Gets gray hair.

January 25: 43% of women want to receive this on Valentines Day … A handwritten love note.

January 24: 148 million people look at this during the week. Weekly coupons.

January 23: in the NFL, Baltimore has one as does Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. New England doesn’t. Neither does Minnesota, Tennessee or Pittsburgh. What are they? Teams named after animals.

January 18: 48% of men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show go here every weekend. To the hardware or building supply store.

January 17: A recent study found that dads do this more than moms when it comes to their kids. Reward them with unhealthy food.

January 16: 24% of kids say if they were President of the United States, they would do this every day. They’d eat ice cream!

January 5:  3 out of 4 dog owners believe their dogs can do this better than a professional.  They can predict the weather!

January 4:  Even though it’s considered a kids’ item, 78% of adults have one of these … It’s a piggy bank (only ours is probably Empty!)

January 3: 30% of us will try a new one of these in 2017. A recipe.

December 23: 34% of car owners say they have no idea how to do this. Refill the windshield wiper fluid.

December 22: 83% of us think we are good at this, but in reality, we aren’t. Spelling.

December 21: 90% of us do this almost every night even though we don’t want to.  We wake up in the middle of the night.

December 20: 1 out of 4 men say they never use this common product.  Deodorant.

December 15: A new survey says that moms are twice as likely to do this than dads are at Christmas. Give bad gifts.

December 14: 5% of us will sell this on eBay. An unwanted Christmas present.

December 13: 9 out of 10 of us have seen this on a warm weather vacation. Someone wearing a Hawaiian-like shirt.

December 12: 30% of the grownups who listen to our show in the morning can name all of them. All of Santa’s reindeer.

December 9: On average, we forget to do this five times a month. Put on deodorant.

December 8: A new survey says only 30% of office parties are OK with this. Bringing your spouse.

December 7:  American teenage girls do this roughly 1015 times a week. Send a text message.

December 6: Experts say you could save $2500 a year just by doing this every day. Packing your own lunch.

December 5: When you buy one of these, it’s at least 10 years old. It’s a Christmas tree.

December 2:  Chances are, you’ll do this 3 times during the holiday season. You’ll give a gift the recipient doesn’t like.

December 1: 44% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners saying they usually regret this. How much they spent on the holidays.

November 30: 48% of us judge other people by this. The type of cell phone they own.

November 29: 10% of us have done this at work during a conference call. We bought something online.

November 28: The average woman owns eight of these. What are they? Pairs of jeans.

November 23: 68% of women have made their husbands do this before going out to a holiday party. What is it? Change his shoes.

November 22: 52% of us have never done this during the holidays. What is it? Kiss under the mistletoe.

November 21: Here in the US alone, about 7000 of these will be hired this year. Santa look-alikes.

November 18:  After money, this is the top reward employers give their employees. Lunch.

November 17: Between now and the end of the year, we will spend 15 hours doing this. Attending holiday parties.

November 16: 35% of us admit we are embarrassed by this. It’s the cleanliness of the inside of our car!

November 15: The average woman does this 11 times a day. She reapplies her lipstick.

November 14: 35% of guys have tried to impress a woman by doing this. Learning how to play a musical instrument.

November 11: 35% of newlyweds say this is the thing they miss most about being single. It’s not sharing a bathroom.

November 10: The average woman keeps this for 12 years. It’s the same hairstylist.

November 9: A new report says we spend over a year of our lives doing this. Channel surfing.

November 8: We are twice as likely to do this on the weekend. Spend money.

November 7:   A new survey found that 61% of us do this more often once it starts getting dark earlier. We watch more TV.

November 4: 30% of grown-ups do this while driving. They use Snapchat!

November 3: 35% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say they judge a man by this. His ringtone!

November 2: About 10% of families don’t save these. Leftovers.

November 1:  A recent survey found that 25% of us say this has changed since we were a kid. It’s our favorite kind of candy.

October 27: If you have one of these, odds are better than 20% that it’s more than five years old. It’s your Facebook profile picture.

October 26:  The average Dave’s Morning Show listener will do this four times today, and undo it four times. What is it? Start their car.

October 25:  The average Dave’s Morning Show listener only cleans this every two years. Their car’s glove compartment.

October 24: A new study found that women get 15% angrier than men while driving, especially when people do this. Don’t use their turn signal.

October 18: A recent survey of dating app users found that 16% of women lie about this on the first date.  They lie about their name.

October 17: A recent survey found that 77% of women want to do this themselves.  They want to choose their own engagement ring.

October 12: A new survey found that only 14% of these go as planned. What? Marriage proposals.

October 11: 68% of us say we won’t vote for a politician who doesn’t like this. What? Pets.

October 10:  After a break up, the average woman spends $782 doing this. She gives herself a total makeover.

October 7: 13% of us think this is the best smell in the world. What is it? The ocean.

October 6: When we do this, it lasts an average of four days. What is it?  Go on a diet.

October 5: 38% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners were born without these. What are they? Wisdom teeth.

October 4:  62% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners do this once a day. What is it? A random act of kindness.

September 28: 58% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn’t offer this. What is it? Access to social media during the day.

September 27: Whenever you see or hear this number, you should always add  9 to it. What is it? A woman’s weight. (most women are 9 pounds heavier on average than what they will admit)

September 26: 68% of men have done this for their lady. What is it? Wash their car.

September 23: Your mom used one of these, but there is only a one in 10 chance that you do. What is it? An apron.

September 22: A new study says that doing this together brings couples closer. What is it? Binge watching.

September 21: 52% of women have done this to motivate themselves to lose weight. The answer is… They bought a pair of skinny jeans hoping to lose  weight and fit into them.

September 19: Half of all smartphone users never do this. They never download an app!

September 16: When you are struggling to get through the day, doing this can boost your energy level by 30%. It’s brushing your teeth.

September 14: According to a new survey, 42% of us have actually dozed off here in the last year. Where? In a meeting … a very boring meeting!

September 13: A recent poll says most of us give this up after trying it once. What is it? Rollerblading.

September 12: A new survey found that 35% of parents admit that they sometimes do this in their nightly routine when putting their kids to bed. What is it? Skip pages when reading the kids a bedtime story.

September 9: A new survey found that men spend an average of 22 days a year doing this. What is it? Hanging out with their best friend.

September 8: A new study found that the key to a perfect vacation is to do this … Make it eight days long.

September 7: 58% of people do this on a date because it makes them feel more confident. What is it?  Wear black.

September 6:  70% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners who own one of these don’t use it for its original purpose. What is it?  A garage.

September 1:  Typically, this happens to a woman at age 34. She starts acting like her mother!

August 31: 20% of  working women say this happens to them on a weekly basis. They get asked out by a coworker .

August 30:  On any given day, 21% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners make a phone call for this reason … To find their cell phone.

August 29:   The average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show does this for the first time when he’s 34 years old. He starts trimming the hair in his ears!

August 26:  78% of our kids lie about this — Their Homework!

August 25: According to a new survey, 45% of people would give up coffee if they could have this every day … Good hair.

August 24: A survey found that 27% of people give up doing this after less than a week … Looking for something they lost.

August 23: 40% of people have experienced this while on a date… Credit card declined.

August 22: Only 9% of people do this at the grocery store……..Read nutrition labels.

August 19: 13% of Americans feel it’s ok to do this …  Cheat on taxes!

August 18:  65% of us would choose this over our significant other if we had to. Our pet!

August 17:  75% of the married women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have given their husbands one of these … The Dreaded Honey-Do List!

August 16: no phones, no Impossible Trivia.

August 15: 56% of the households in the Fredericksburg area have one of these in the kitchen. What is it? A frozen dinner.

August 12:  If given an extra $1000, 33% of us would do this with it. We’d save it!

August 11: Typically, The more education you receive,  the larger this becomes. What is it? It’s your signature.

August 10:  A new study has found that women do indeed do this longer than men … And the answer is — Hold Grudges!

August 9:  The average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show spends 22 minutes a day doing this … Talking about sports.

August 8:  A new study found that those of us who do this at least 30 minutes every day live longer than those of us who don’t. The answer is … Read.

August 5:  This happens 35 to 40 times in a typical major-league baseball game. The answer is … A ball is hit into the stands.

August 4:  A new study found that we like to talk with other people while we’re doing this … Eating.

August 3: Only 15% of us would tell our boss this. What is it?  That his or her outfit is inappropriate.

August 2: 60% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show have made their husbands do this before going out.  She says “You’re CHANGING YOUR SHOES before we go anywhere!”

August 1:  A recent survey found that 38% of us have been burned by this when it’s hot outside. Believe it or not, it’s a seatbelt!

July 28:  What does Dave Adler have in common with George Thorogood & Bob Marley?  They all lived in Wilmington Delaware – George and Dave were born & raised there.

July 27:   The number of women doing this has gone up 25% in the last 10 years. Robbing banks!

July 26:  A new survey found that 11% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners plan their vacation around this … Their pet.

July 25:  It takes the average Dave’s Morning Show listener between 5 and 20 minutes to do this …. Have a dream.

July 22:  You reach your peak in this ability in your mid 30’s. Spelling.

July 21:   59% of homes still have one of these. It’s a cordless phone.

July 20:   46% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show say buying this is very stressful. They say it’s buying a new pair of jeans!

July 19:  By the end of this week, 43% of parents will have already started doing this … Back to school shopping!

July 18:  9 out of 10 of us have embarrassed ourselves by doing this in a quiet setting. What is it? Having our stomach growl.

July 15: A new survey found that 57% of us have done this on social media — We’ve lied about our relationship status.

July 14: 82% of teenagers admit to having one of these – what is it?  A curfew.

July 13: 88% of us do this in the middle of the night.  We check our phones.

July 12: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener has 7 of these … and they got ’em for free!   Coffee mugs!

July 11:  86% of the men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show owned one of these as a child … A Squirt Gun!

July 8:  According to a study, men are four times more likely to lose this than women. What is it? What’s a matter??!! Didn’t hear the question …?!?! The answer is — Their Hearing!

July 7:  A new study has found that a woman is more likely to date a man if this is true about his friends. And the answer is …  They include attractive women.

July 6:  Whenever you’re on vacation, there’s a 33% chance you’ll do this … Leave something in your hotel room.

July 5:  43% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners did this at a July 4th party this  weekend – what is it?  Wiped out hands on the furniture instead of a napkin.

June 30: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener forgets to do this at least 5 times a month. What is it? Put on deodorant.

June 29: Wedding experts say newlywed husbands should never bring this with them on their honeymoon. What is it? A laptop.

June 28: The average Dave’s Morning Show listener does this every 18 months. What is it? Get a new cell phone.

June 27: Experts say we should do this every day, but only 30% of us actually do. What is it? Complement Ourselves.

June 24: About 21 million of us wear these. What are they? Dentures.

June 23: According to a recent survey, the average woman secretly likes doing this. What could it be? Vacuuming!

June 22:  This is the most common beach & pool etiquette violation … Blasting Loud Music!

June 21:  A new survey found that about 15% of us have taken a conference call here – Where?  In the bathtub.

June 20:  3% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have never eaten this – what is it?   Dessert.

June 17:  It is estimated that more than one in 10 dogs has swallowed this. What is it? A shoe lace.

June 16:  5% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have never eaten this – what is it?   Jello!

June 15:  22% of us have a favorite one of these – what is it?  A pen.

June 14:   The average lifespan of one of these is about 10 years. What is it? A vacuum cleaner.

June 13:  53% of couples who listen to Dave’s Morning Show do this separately. What is it? Their laundry.

June 10: A new survey found that 25% of us do this while we are in a store. Shop on line.

June 9: According to a new survey, the average person stops doing this when they hit 31. What is it? Celebrating their birthday.

June 8:  Every home has one or two of these, and the first one ran on gas. What is it? A vacuum cleaner.

June 7: Having this increases your chances of landing a job by 10% What is it?  White Teeth (better go get me some more of those white strips …!)

June 6: A new study found that people who do this are less likely to quit their jobs … Get angry.  Seems getting angry is a sign you actually care.

June 3:  6 out of 10 women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show wear this because they think it makes them appear friendly … Bright Lipstick.

June 2: Minnesota is the state with the most of these per capita – what are they?  Boats

June 1:   A new study found that people who do this think they are more attractive than they are. What is it? Take lots of selfies.

May 31:  Memorial Day weekend is the third biggest grilling occasion of the year. Fourth of July is the number one occasion for grilling. What’s number two?   Birthdays.

May 27:  If you still have VHS movies at home, this is the title you’re most likely to have. The Lion King

May 26:  One out of 10 married couples won’t do this even once this year.  Say “I love you”.

May 25:  13% of grown-ups still drink this just like they did when they were kids. What is it?    Yoo Hoo!

May 24:  63% of the men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show start doing this in their 40s. What is it? Trim their nose hairs.

May 23:  53% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show never leave home without this. What is it? A mirror.

May 20: A new survey found that 63% of us will click on a pop-up ad for this … A diet or fitness program.

May 19: 53% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners do this with their food — Take pictures of it!

May 18: A poll of Dave’s Morning Show listeners found that 80% of them think they’re Great at this … Taking Photos.

May 17:  According to a new survey, one 1 out of 3 of us secretly know this about our spouse — what is it?  The passwords to their social media accounts.

May 16:  A new study found that the more you like this, the more likely you are to crash your car.  What is it?  The sound of your G P S.  (Turns out … we form a bond with the voice, and that keeps us from concentrating on the road …)

May 13:  About 35% of people have never had these. Wisdom teeth.

May 12:  The average car will suffer from this at least twice during its first three years. What is it? A run-in with a shopping cart.

May 11: Medical surveys say 6,500 people are injured by these every year. What are they? Pillows!

May 10:  A recent survey says the best time to do this is between 9 AM and 11 AM. What is it?  Interview for a job.

May 9: A new survey found that 46% of the women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show struggle with this nearly every day – What is it?  Picking out what to wear to work.

May 6:  6:30pm is the most popular time to do this … Drink wine.

May 5:  It’s the number one thing teenagers say distracts them the most while driving. It’s when they get a text or phone call from their parents.

May 3: 83% of the swimsuits owned by Dave’s Morning Show listeners have this in common … They never get wet.

May 2: A poll of women about strange but common cravings during pregnancy finds this tops the list. What is it? Ice.

April 29:  9 out of 10 American homes have one of these. What is it?  A junk drawer.

April 28: You’ll find 40,000 different products at the average one of these — Where are we?  A grocery store.

April 27: 58% of men who listen to Dave’s Morning Show think this exists in heaven — what is it?   Baseball.

April 26:  47% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners lose up to 90 minutes of sleep every night because of this.  What is it?  Our pets in bed with us.

April 25:   Married people suffer from this more than single people. What is it? Heartburn.

April 22:  When it comes to driving, women are better at this than men – what is it?  Using turn signals.

April 21: We use around 80 pounds of this every day – what is it?  Oxygen.

April 20: A retail study found that people who are born leaders are the biggest buyers of these – What?   Athletic shoes.

April 19: 25 years ago, this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear — now it is.  What is it?  A Sweatshirt.

April 18: According to a recent survey, the average guy who listens to Dave’s Morning Show loses this at age 53.  What is it?  His fashion sense.

April 15: 77% of women who listen to Dave’s Morning Show think it’s Super Tacky if a man wears this … What is it?  A gold chain.

April 14: By the time they turn 28, the average Dave’s Morning Show listener will have done this 6 times.  What is it?  Changed jobs.

April 13: A new study found that we spend 377 hours a year doing this.  What is it?  Preparing meals; making breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

April 12:  in 82% of homes with kids, mom decides this … What is it?  Bedtime.

April 11:  If you do this for a living, you are most often late for a doctors appointment. What do you do?                                                              You’re a doctor!

April 6: A man who wears this is typically described as “vulgar” and “inauthentic”. What is it?  A Hawaiian shirt.

April 5: If you had this job at the White House, you’d need 8 hours to get it done. What is it? Cutting the Grass

April 4: 20% of Dave’s Morning Show listeners have a favorite one of these.   A pen.

April 1: 48% of men admit to not being able to do this task. What is it? Sewing on a button.

March 31:  Research proves that doing this while taking an exam or test will improve your memory by as much as 35%. What is it?                         Chewing gum

March 25: These are created at a rate of 3500 per minute. What are they?  Peeps

March 24: About 20 people will touch this item before you buy it. What is it? A Greeting Card

March 23: One out of every 20 American adults can be described as this. What is it? A Millionaire

March 22: 58% of us do not know this number. What is it? Our License Plate Number

March 21: This costs the average person about $.60 a year – what is it? Charging Their Phone