Mark Clifford

Birthday: July 16th

Hometown: The coal region of Pennsylvania

Favorite SuperHits Group: Journey, Doobie Brothers, Madonna

Favorite TV Show:  Family Guy, baseball games, any Mel Brooks movie re-runs

Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes type guy

Favorite Place To Hang Out: Home (also favorite place to relax)

Best Thing About The Fredericksburg Area: The people. We’ve got a great mix of “born here” and “moved here”. (Of course that makes our traffic a mess)

My Secret Talent: None – I can’t keep a secret

One Thing You Don’t Know About Me: I glow in the dark – really!

How I Got Into Radio: After a visit to a station when I was in grade school I started “playing” radio. I decided I just wanted to keep playing

What I’d Be Doing If I Wasn’t On 95.9: Some way, some where, I would be working in radio