Mike Neville

Mike Neville FeaturedYes, he works for us, and has for countless years. But still, we are forced to admit, that we know absolutely nothing about this man! Help us to know this fixture in our studio better, unlock his mysterious past …

Did you share a jail cell with Mike in his young, rambunctious years?

Did you ascend Mt. Everest with him, or did he leave you behind in his ruthless drive to the top?

Did he live years in a commune, spinning his own cotton? Or was he one of the people, a silent yet dedicated contributor to the fabric of our society?

We know Mike was a high school chess champion, and a debator extraordinaire (one might say a master) – if you have pictures of his victorious years on the chess team, send them our way!

Help us know Mike better. Tell us your story, and how you shared time with Mike.